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Tenstreet’s platform connects carriers and drivers, making it easier to fill trucks while staying compliant. We help thousands of motor carriers and private fleets to market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers. Since 2006, millions of drivers have used Tenstreet’s platform to quickly and securely apply for their next job.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to keep trucks on the road and freight moving, helping private fleets and for-hire motor carriers keep our economy running smoothly.

Whether it is a marketing solution like Job Store that lets carriers place ads more effectively, or an engagement service like Insights, which gives carriers the knowledge they need to retain drivers, you’ll find that our services revolve around removing the friction that makes it difficult to survive in the ever-turbulent trucking industry. We do this by focusing on trucking’s biggest driver-carrier problems and solve them through innovative software solutions.

How We Started

In 2006, Tenstreet was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma to address the hiring challenges and inefficiencies facing long haul carriers in North America.

Freeing people from the slow, manual process of faxing employment verification requests, Tenstreet’s first disruptive technology freed people from their fax machines and started the paperless revolution. Today, Xchange is responsible for managing over 50% of all industry verifications at a 40% faster return rate.


How We've Grown

Since those early days, Tenstreet has continued to innovate, breaking into additional verticals in the trucking industry, including safety, marketing, and onboarding.

The company continues to grow through the strategic acquisitions of Stay Metrics, Vnomics, and True Load Time, helping clients in the areas of driver engagement, fuel efficiency, load efficiency, and more.

Tenstreet now has over 250 employees across multiple states, all working to solve the next biggest problem in the trucking industry.

Tenstreet Founded

Tenstreet was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma to address the hiring challenges and inefficiencies facing long haul carriers in North America.


Two-Sided Network Established

A two-sided network of fleets and drivers reached critical mass in 2013, allowing both sides to benefit from network effects.


Driver Pulse App Introduced

Driver Pulse, an app created to help drivers manage their careers and connect with carriers, was made available on the Apple and Google Play app stores. 


A Year of Change and Growth
  • Tim Crawford was named CEO of Tenstreet.
  • Majority recapitalization by Spectrum Equity.
  • Launched Job Store to expand Tenstreet's Marketing products.
  • 49 wonderful Tenstreeters employed.

A Large Increase in Revenue

From 2016 to 2017, Tenstreet saw a 41% year-over-year growth in revenue, demonstrating that carriers increasingly recognized the value Tenstreet brought to their operations.


A Solution for Small Fleets

Tenstreet On Demand, a basic subscription tier designed with small fleets in mind, was launched in 2018 to offer our services to clients with different needs and budgets.


A Focus on Safety

In 2019, Tenstreet began rolling out a new fleet of Safety products such as enhanced DQF, MVR monitoring, and our mobile-friendly training library. 


Another Year of Continued Growth

Not to be thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Tenstreet continued to grow and thrive in 2020 with:

  • The launch of CSA integrations and Clearinghouse services.
  • The acquisition of Stay Metrics to extend Tenstreet's solution suite into Driver Retention. 
  • Over 100 wonderful Tenstreeters employed. 

A Focus on Improving Our Solution Suite
  • Launched Engagement, another layer of our retention offering that enabled carriers to address and combat driver turnover.
  • Added new CSA and telematics integrations to Safety.

Our Biggest Year of Growth Yet
  • Acquired True Fuel to bring Fuel Management programs to our clients.
  • Acquired True Load Time to help our clients address one of the number one factors in driver turnover, detention delays.
  • In December, Driver Pulse hit 1 million active users.
  • Continued to grow internally, employing over 200 wonderful Tenstreeters.

The Future Looks Bright
  • True Fuel capability integrated directly into Xpress and Driver Pulse.
  • The launch of our new Rewards program in Xpress and Driver Pulse.
  • The acquisition of TruckMap, a commercial vehicle routing solution. 
  • The addition of TruckMap into Driver Pulse.


Tenstreet is full of individuals passionate about the trucking industry who are often quoted about their opinions on trucking trends and topics. Check out our expert profiles today to learn more about their expertise and to see where they have been featured. 

If you are a journalist approaching deadline and need a quote to strengthen your piece, please contact Molly Vidler at Molly.Vidler@tenstreet.com to connect with one of our industry experts.

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