The “Aha Services” of Tenstreet

Reading over any company’s list of services can sometimes feel like information overload. We know we have a lot of different services here at Tenstreet, and that it can be hard to narrow down which are best suited for your organization. My name is Meghan Potter, and as an Account Advisor here, I talk to a great deal of clients on a weekly basis. While each company has different needs, there are common life-changers that I see across the board. I wanted to take an opportunity here to discuss the biggest “Aha Services” that I would recommend to everyone – along with how those products have impacted our clients.

Drip Marketing 

First things first. Let me tell you (just full disclosure, here) that Drip Marketing is by far my favorite service that Tenstreet currently offers. The reason is simple – it saves people so much time. And time is money! And with the time you save reaching out to candidates, you can now spend getting hires. For those not familiar with Drip Marketing .. Drip Marketing is a way to automatically reach out to a targeted group of candidates. For example, many recruiters tell me that they spend about 2-4 full days a month trying to reconnect to candidates who were qualified when they applied, but for whatever reason didn’t make it to Hired. Think of all the things you can do in that 2-4 days when you have Drip sending all those emails for you. Here’s another example – say you receive a lot of partial applications. By using a Job Board Scrubber Drip Campaign, you will be able to reach out to those leads (including your job board leads) with messaging to encourage them to submit a full application. Drip Marketing is the biggest “Aha Service” I personally get to see. The campaigns above are only two of the many campaigns we have available. Get with your advisor to create a campaign that will be best for your organization!

Continuation Intelliapp

Continuation IntelliApp is another “Aha Service” we offer. Above, I discussed a partial-application Drip campaign. Continuation Intelliapp is another tactical service we have that helps turn your partial applications into full applications. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. As everybody knows, drivers are busy and often start an application that they just aren’t able to finish in one setting. Tenstreet’s Continuation IntelliApp service lets drivers leave the app, and pick-up where they left off whenever it’s convenient for them. Continuation IntelliApp is like putting on polarized sunglasses – you don’t realize how much they help you until you have them on! And once you start receiving all those extra applications, you won’t ever want to take them off.

Adverse Action

Compliance has become one of the biggest headaches that transportation organizations are currently facing. I commonly hear how stressed clients are with staying compliant with regulations changing all the time. Adverse Action is a tool that is very simple to use, and is a huge life-saver when it comes to an audit. Adverse Action streamlines your pre-and post-letters to candidates who require a letter. AND, now that Tenstreet can supply the language for you, there’s no reason not to do it. All you do is schedule the letter to be sent, and it goes through the system with a copy of the subject’s background report, a copy of the FCRA, and any state notices attached. Tenstreet prides itself on staying on top of all of things compliance. If you have any questions on how Tenstreet can help with all the recent changes in regulations, check out Leah’s blog from a couple weeks ago.

Focus Reports

Well, this isn’t actually a paid service .. it’s a free one! Focus is a new and improved tab in your dashboard, with so many possibilities. This tab can be custom-designed to give you reports over the services that you really want to “Focus” on. For example:
  • If you are using our amazing Job Store – you can keep track of that data in Focus.
  • You can also have your Intelliapp Statistics come through in Focus. IntelliApp Statistics will show you a lot of data from your application: what sources the apps are coming from, if they are mobile or not, allows you to see your applications in real time, and more!
  • If you are using Pulse MD for drug-screening, you can check the schedule status in Focus as well.
  • Your Texting summary can also be tracked in there. Texting is extremely useful in that you can communicate with your drivers without having to use your personal cell phone. And you can also feel comfort knowing all of those texts will be saved in the dashboard.
There are so many other things you can keep track of in the Focus Tab that help you keep all your main areas of focus in one place! Take a look today and see what it can do for you. Are you ready to have your own “Aha” moments? Reach out to us today at sales@tenstreet.com, and we can make that happen!  

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