Tenstreet’s ITI Integration Is Like a Box of Chocolates…

…you always know what you’re gonna get. That’s how the quote goes, right? At any rate, our new partnership with Instructional Technologies, Inc., announced at our 2019 User Conference, is as delight-filled as your favorite box of indulgences.

This integration will bring you tasty content inside your favorite container, the Tenstreet dashboard. Sample just a few treats or gobble up the whole box – it’s all about what works best for your company’s diet. Read on to learn more about the nutritional info of this scrumptious package.

Expect Quality

ITI has been providing high-quality training materials to the trucking and logistics industry for more than 20 years. They’re the Swiss chocolatiers of onboarding content, so you can trust that by using ITI’S fleet of training videos, you’ll be setting your drivers up for success. They offer video content in topics ranging from defensive driving to vehicle inspections to workplace safety, so there’s sustenance to be found for every key category you need to train your drivers on to get them on the road.

Choose What You Devour

As much fun as it can be to eat an entire box of chocolates in one sitting (we’re looking at you, Valentine’s Day), sometimes you just want to sample a few sweet morsels. ITI offers flexibility by working with carriers to provide the content they need without giving them filler they don’t. Already developed some of your own in-house content? ITI can supplement your existing resources with any categories you’re missing. We’d never force you to eat the fruit-filled chocolates if they aren’t your style, so we don’t want you paying for content modules you won’t use either.

Not sure what will suit your tastes? Our in-house content tasters are happy to recommend different pre-hire and post-hire content packages if you need some guidance. Even pricing options have variety – you can pay by the view or by the content package based on your needs.

Enjoy Anywhere

The beauty of chocolate is that you can savor it any place, any time. Your drivers can experience these same benefits with their ITI onboarding content; since videos and quizzes are available in Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse app, they can be viewed from a mobile device and completed whenever it’s convenient for the driver. Single sign-on for drivers keeps the good vibes flowing and the taste buds tingling.

Track Your Drivers’ Diets

Much as we’re remiss to step on the scale after a dessert binge, it helps to know the damage we’ve wrought. Similarly, it makes a big difference to be able to track drivers’ onboarding activity and assess their preparedness. Information about videos that drivers watch and how they score on knowledge checks is stored in their files, letting you know exactly who’s ready to climb behind the wheel.

Ready to sink your teeth into this integration? Contact your account manager or reach out to Marilyn at marilyn.surber@tenstreet.com to start up a new partnership with ITI or to integrate your existing ITI setup into Tenstreet.

More about Instructional Technologies, Inc.

ITI has been providing the best training to the trucking and logistics industry for more than 20 years. This integration funnels their collection of fleet training content videos into the Tenstreet dashboard, easing the onboarding experience for both the driver and the client.

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