New Pay-as-you-go Solution for Smaller Fleets

Not all companies are created equal – and that’s a glorious thing in any industry. In the trucking industry, every carrier operates a little (or a lot) differently, and things are in constant flux.

And if you have a smaller fleet or are just starting out, you may think that you aren’t a good fit for applicant tracking software. Smaller fleets don’t always have a continuous need to onboard new drivers. And when you’re not hiring drivers, you don’t need to give your driver qualification files a lot of attention, either.

Yet, you still recognize the tremendous value applicant tracking software creates. No more searching through excel spreadsheets, physical file cabinets, or various websites. All your clicks can be made in one neatly-packaged, integrated system. You save a ton of time, and are ahead organizationally.

Now, if only you could pay for this software when you use it, and not just because the 1st of the month appears on the calendar. 

We Hear You!

Tenstreet clients have traditionally only had the option of honoring a recurring monthly payment plan. But after speaking to several smaller fleet clients, we became enlightened – usage can vary drastically across the calendar year for these carriers. For months at a time even, the Xpress dashboard can go entirely unused. So again – why should you have to pay for something you don’t use?You should not.

Bridging the Gap

In order to support this segment of the market, we created a new business model – a super slick, pay-as-you-go, no contract subscription service. Tenstreet’s On Demand service gives clients the power of choice and flexibility – so businesses won’t pay (literally or figuratively) simply for focusing on an area of the business outside of recruitment, processing, and DQF. With On Demand, you simply don’t pay for the months when you’re not using your dashboard. And when you need it, you insert the proverbial coin and pick right back up where you left off.

An Online Application and Free Email Alerts

One of the most beautiful things about On Demand is that even when your dashboard is dormant, we continue to keep your job postings and your IntelliApp live, meaning drivers can continue to see your ads and send you applications. To make sure you stay on top of everything, we send you an email alert when:

(1) you have a new driver application, or

(2) one of your drivers has a missing or expired document.

These emails include a preview into your dashboard and display applicant and/or missing and expired document(s) details so that your curiosity doesn’t tempt you into paying for another month of service when it may not yet be necessary.

On Demand: Your Toolbox for Trucking

Tenstreet On Demand is a simple, slimmed-down version of Xpress, and includes the following five integrated services:

  • IntelliApp – an online, mobile-friendly, pre-populating application that leverages the information of over 3.6 million active drivers
  • Focus Reports – real-time, interactive reporting tools that help you advertise, process applications, and manage your drivers’ qualification files
  • Xchange – a web-based service that allows you to provide and request any employee records, so you can manage all your requests in minutes
  • DQF – a module that tracks the status of all your DOT-required and non-DOT-required documents for your hired drivers, complete with a missing and expired document report – helping you pass any audit.
  • Job Store – a tool that provides an access point to dozens of job boards that place your jobs in front of 180,000+ drivers each month 
  • Driver Pulse – a mobile app that lets drivers search for and apply to jobs, view their application status, and communicate and share documents with recruiters, making it easier for carriers to connect with top talent.

A Testimonial

“As a one person Safety, Compliance, Recruiting, and HR Manager, I’ve gotten hours back in my work week by using Tenstreet On Demand. While our fleet continues to grow, the biggest winner has been my family.”

– Lee Koon, Director of Safety & Recruiting, Terminal Transport, Inc

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