New Tenstreet Certification & Professional Development Opportunities for Recruiters

As a driver recruiter, it can be challenging to find the right resources to develop your trucking industry knowledge, build skills for job and career development, and establish effective daily habits–especially while you’re trying to juggle the regular demands of your job hiring drivers.

If you have ever asked yourself…


      • How do I learn about industry trends, terms, and changes?

      • How can I speak with drivers if I don’t know much about their job?

      • Where can I get an overview of regulations that affect my daily recruiting tasks?

      • How can I increase my motivation and better manage my time?

      • How do I build rapport with drivers?

      • How can I better handle objections from drivers?

      • How do I sell the job to applicants?

      • How can I better communicate and build relationships with applicants, my coworkers, and managers?

      • What’s the application process like for a driver, and where do I even get started with an applicant?

      • What does the complete processing of a driver look like in Tenstreet?

      • How can I save time, stay organized, and more effectively manage leads in Tenstreet?

    …Then our new recruiter certification courses are for you!

    Our years of experience and daily interactions with recruiters, recruiting managers, and support teams have helped us recognize the need for recruiters to stay on top of their careers and keep building skills even while meeting rigorous demands. In response, we’ve created resources aimed at guiding recruiters through questions like these and developing their career skills in our new Certifications library!

    Certifications that Grow Your Value

    All Tenstreet users can freely access certification course curriculum within their dashboard to learn, demonstrate their knowledge, and earn certifications.

    Using the same training features drivers love, we’ve introduced four courses for recruiters and other carrier employees:


        • Introduction to the Trucking Industry – Gives an overview of the trucking industry and emphasizes the importance of industry knowledge in identifying new opportunities, staying ahead of the competition, complying with regulations, executing the recruiting role well, and attaching greater purpose to your work.

        • Essential Power Skills – Provides instruction on areas for continual professional growth in effectively managing relationships with applicants, coworkers, and managers.

        • Driver Recruiting Job Skills – Covers key skills specific to the job of a driver recruiter, including lessons on asking the right questions, the importance of speed, staying organized, how to handle objections, the importance of relationships, and more.

        • Effective Recruiting with Tenstreet – Focuses on executing recruiting activities within the Tenstreet dashboard. Learners will be introduced to tools and features in the system to help in staying organized, connecting with applicants, tracking data, processing a driver, and managing other challenges in the recruiting process.

      These courses are designed to benefit recruiters new to the industry or new to the Tenstreet system, as well as more experienced recruiters looking for continuous learning opportunities. 

      A Handy Tool for Recruiting Managers

      Recruiters are highly self-motivated and proactively seek help and mentorship, but it can be difficult to determine exactly what kind of support your workforce needs. On top of that, how do you find the time to search for or build the right resources for your team?

      With certification courses, you have pre-built training to direct employees to when support or development opportunities are requested – all housed in the platform they use every day. These courses are not only built to provide opportunities for users to earn certifications, but also as stand-alone resources for supervisors and managers to point employees to when a particular skill or area needs improvement. Certification courses can serve as a complete solution or a means to spark productive conversations about job skills, driver interactions, your company’s recruiting process, or use of your Tenstreet dashboard.

      For managers, certification courses serve as a tool in developing a purposeful, motivated, and knowledgeable recruiting department.

      Inside the Course Design

      Each class offers users multiple forms of engagement including videos, quiz questions, and interactive activities, encouraging a more active learning experience for deeper information retention and comprehension.

      Users have the freedom to explore certification courses on their own terms and start, pause, and complete classes at their own pace. When a course is paused, progress will be saved for whenever a recruiter is ready to jump back in.

      Takeaway cards and other resources are provided at the end of each class to assist in applying and practicing learning topics during daily work tasks.

      When a course is completed, the user will earn a certification that can be added to their LinkedIn profile! There’s two-fold benefit in having this public-facing certification: (1) it gives recruiters a competitive edge in the hiring process, and (2) it helps hiring managers gain insight to the knowledge and experience of potential or new recruiters.


      The way we each learn is as unique as our fingerprints. We believe learning design should meet the needs of a diverse set of people, including learners with disabilities.

      Certification courses are designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AA-level requirements. This allows learners with auditory, visual, mobility, or cognitive disabilities – including those using certain assistive technologies or alternative navigation methods – to receive an equal learning experience.

      Some organizations are required to meet certain accessibility standards for web content, but the value of accessibility extends beyond just compliance.


          • It makes good business sense to have an accommodating workplace. Organizations can better retain existing talent, broaden their hiring market, and improve diversity and inclusion efforts.

          • Employees appreciate the fact that their organization cares enough to provide training materials that are accessible for all employees. Groups of learners aren’t ignored, which prevents skill disparities between employees.

          • Many accessibility requirements actually end up benefiting all learners by improving course usability. For example, closed captioning is beneficial for not only those with auditory or cognitive disabilities, but also those who simply learn better with simultaneous text and visual components.

        We want all users to interact with the course content as fully as possible and have equal opportunity to earn certifications.

        Get Started with Certifications

        All Tenstreet users are automatically given access to the certification library. If you aren’t already using Tenstreet’s tools to make life easier for your recruiting team, get started with our tools today!

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