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For as long as Tenstreet has created software that helps carriers run their companies more efficiently, we have been committed to working closely with our clients so that they see success with our tools. Our team of advisors and account managers are on hand to help trucking companies use their products effectively because there’s no point in paying for a great service if you aren’t set up to reap its benefits.

We’re taking our commitment to client success even further by introducing our newest division, Tenstreet Professional Services. This new team is made up of strategic professionals with years of Tenstreet and transportation experience whose primary objective is to help carriers reach their most ambitious goals and unlock the full potential of their systems.

Applying the strategic insights and intentional goal-setting Professional Services provides can mean the difference between working to survive another day and focusing on an exciting future. You shouldn’t feel like you’re just struggling to keep up – you deserve to grow the way you want to.

How does it work?

We pair a consultative approach that helps us identify your unique needs, challenges, and objectives with custom-built strategies to help you make the most of the resources you have to get what you want.

We start with an assessment of your current Tenstreet setup and any other aspects of your business you think can be improved. During this diagnostic, we evaluate how you use our software and how you rank compared to other high-performing users to determine your company’s overall effectiveness. After we complete our review, we walk you through our findings and build a company-tailored plan to deliver measurable results. As your trusted consultants, we will be at your side to guide you on how to prioritize your goals, identify any missed opportunities, and tie it all together to create a roadmap for your success.

The biggest hurdle we often hear from clients is that they aren’t sure where to start. Below, we’ve listed out a few example pathways your company could take to see greater success. Whatever your future goals, we have a strategy for you.

In the world of driver recruiting, it’s important to establish processes your recruiting team can incorporate into their workflow that maximize their ability to connect, qualify, and process drivers efficiently. You’ve already worked tirelessly to drive traffic to your dashboard, so boosting your team’s chances of landing that driver in a competitive landscape is the next step. Here are some driver recruiting strategies we can implement:

  • Applicant management – Implementing Tenstreet means having a single trusted platform to collect and preserve driver data. A driver that isn’t qualified today could be a viable candidate tomorrow, or a “not right now” could be a “yes” later. We can help you organize your statuses, tags, and notifications to ensure effective re-engagement in the future.
  • Applicant response time – Response time is arguably the most critical component of any successful recruiting strategy. We can help establish expectations on how quickly your team responds to incoming applications, design and execute processes to assist with response time, and hold your team accountable through analytics. 
  • Applicant routing and scoring – Sorting through applications can be time-consuming, and you want your team to have instant visibility on your most qualified incoming candidates. We can help you configure scoring and routing on both lead and full applications to increase your chances of connecting with the right candidates in real time. 
  • Coaching & development – Whether you have a hard time with recruiters articulating job requirements and expectations or want to instill successful characteristics of your top performers amongst the rest of the team, we can provide comprehensive guidance on tips, strategies, and incentives to position your employees for greater achievement. 
  • Data integrity & controls – As you bring on more people and start handling more work, the risk of not capturing accurate and complete information rises. We can propose potential controls, such as checklist validation and automated tags, to ensure the data you need is getting captured by your team members. 
  • Departmental alignment – Some of the most common bottlenecks in a hiring process are the result of disjointed hand-offs between departments or lack of transparency into a driver’s file. We can outline procedures to ensure that each department has what they need to seamlessly move a candidate through the hiring funnel and access the candidate’s progress in real time. 
  • Driver communications – Accessibility and speed are key ingredients when communicating with candidates. We can guide you on how to leverage the power of various Tenstreet communication methods (Pulse Video Chat, Pulse Messaging, Bulk Messaging) to improve engagement and drive conversions.
  • Recruiter & processor training – Equip your recruiters and processors with skills to realize the full potential of the Tenstreet platform. We can assist with more effective day-to-day management by training your team to optimize their use of all the available tools within Tenstreet, including quick searches, quick messages, and reporting.  
  • Reporting & analytics – If you’re spending valuable time constructing reports manually or extracting data to Excel, we can generate powerful custom reporting on your behalf that summarizes individual and company performance. These reports can be reflected on your homepage and/or automatically sent to your email at a set frequency. 
  • Streamlined workflow – Unnecessary manual interventions or a convoluted set-up can hinder the hiring process, leading to lower conversions and an unnecessarily long time-to-hire. We can build out structured processes and incorporate efficiencies to ensure you have a streamlined workflow that results in a faster hiring cycle. 

Drivers are constantly confronted with job opportunities from all avenues – your ability to cut through the noise and stand out is crucial.  As competition to reach the right drivers in the right way gets more intense, you can find yourself spending more on marketing while seeing less results. Tenstreet’s marketing solutions will help you make the most of your ad dollars. We can help you with the following marketing topics:

  • Advertising channels – Managing your job postings across various sites can be burdensome. Through our Job Store advertising portal, you can post all your open jobs and push them out seamlessly to over 25 top performing ad merchants, saving you both time and money. We can plan a diversified advertising approach for you and manage your ad spend as well. 
  • Advertising efficiency – Driver advertising is complex to measure due to timing, re-applies, and other factors. You’re often left doing guesswork and performing time-consuming manual calculations to determine your cost-per-hire. Let us reduce the legwork through enhanced advertising analyses.
  • Application attribution – Part of an effective advertising approach is recognizing which marketing channels are producing applications. We can show you how to apply referral codes to better understand which ad placements are driving traffic and what your clickthrough rates are.
  • Brand management – The saying goes, “Trust is earned, not bought.” Candidates largely base their first impressions on social media and online reviews before applying. You want to protect your brand and have the appropriate monitoring and strategies to respond and react. We can conduct an evaluation of your digital presence and how it impacts drivers’ perceptions of your brand.
  • Driver ambassadors – You want to empower your most loyal drivers with tools to connect with other candidates using effective, safe communication channels. We can teach you how to leverage the power of Pulse to designate driver ambassadors, gain visibility into connections made, and reward your ambassadors for their hard work.
  • Driver referrals – The most effective method of advertising is word-of-mouth. Your own drivers can speak directly on their experiences and develop trust faster with prospective candidates than anyone else. We can help you design, track, and scale driver referral programs that incentivize your employees to promote your open active jobs.
  • Driver touchpoints – To increase the chance of converting your prospects into hires, you need to keep them engaged through the process and provide status updates when necessary. We can advise you on which driver touchpoints to establish and how to maintain open lines of communication that make the hiring process feel personalized.
  • Job descriptions – There is no shortage of job openings in the marketplace and drivers often make instant decisions when they scroll through your ads. You want to make sure that your ad highlights the most compelling attributes of your opening and the messaging motivates them to apply. We can assist you in writing job descriptions that make your ads more persuasive.
  • Marketing automation – Alleviating manual touchpoints so your recruiter can focus on human interactions is crucial. Instead of sending manual emails and texts, you can incorporate automation through drip marketing to properly nurture candidates. We can design and structure marketing campaigns to capitalize on your existing driver database.

You are regularly searching for ways to cut costs and increase your profitability, and one of your biggest opportunities to reach these goals is through your driver onboarding. If you have a long, disorganized onboarding process, you’re wasting time while risking losing the driver. Better tools and processes can help you fill you trucks faster to start generating revenue sooner. We can cover the following onboarding categories:  

  • Custom content – You probably spend a fair amount of time creating internal training materials. We can take your existing training materials (Word, PowerPoint, PDF) and convert them into custom training classes. This would allow for mobile-friendly interactive training with your own branding to keep your drivers engaged through each class.
  • Digital forms – If you’re still using paper files for your data collection, you’re undermining your ability to promptly onboard a driver. Drivers expect an easy, painless onboarding experience. We can direct you on how to go paperless and enable drivers to fill out forms electronically to shorten orientation time.
  • Digital training – While your overall objective is to offer a short orientation, you must balance that with required paperwork, safety training, and other essential activities. By allowing drivers to complete training outside of the classroom, you can get most of the paperwork out of the way before class and refocus your in-person efforts on more meaningful interactions. We can work with you to build a robust hybrid orientation that leverages our interactive library of over 200 training titles.
  • Document management – Shuffling through documents is timely and labor-intensive. Furthermore, you want the assurance documents can be securely stored and easily accessible. We can work with you to set up automatic document filing and restrict access by user or by role for added security.
  • Orientation scheduled – Not only is it frustrating to have no-shows at orientation: it can undercut your hiring goals, operations, and work environment. We can provide you with tips on how to best nurture approved hires and create orientation reports that can be staged on your dashboard or sent to your inbox.  
  • Status snapshot – Part of onboarding on time is assessing how much progress a driver has made towards completing your assigned tasks. We can guide you through the available tools or create custom reporting to give you a quick snapshot of a driver’s task completion and best practices on how to properly follow up with a candidate on pending tasks.
  • Task management – One way to distinguish your company is through an easy, positive onboarding experience. Knowing what forms/training to request, when to request them, and how to group them together can be challenging. We can evaluate your current procedures and advise on how to provide an orderly path for both your team and drivers.  
  • Drug & alcohol testing – The last missing puzzle piece of your orientation success is the D&A and physical test. If you’re often left scrambling to get the paperwork in order or left wondering if the driver went into the testing facility, we can supply you with instant visibility of when key events took place and return the D&A and physical results back into your dashboard.

After investing significant time and resources into a new hire, the last news you want to hear is that the driver churned within the first 90 days. To overcome this, you need to establish clear channels to gather, analyze, and respond to feedback. Most companies we speak with have great aspirations to create retention programs but struggle to implement and sustain them. We can cover the following retention strategies:

  • Automated surveys – Having a strong pulse on your drivers’ experience of your company is critical at every stage of the lifecycle, from new hire to termination. It starts with meaningful, reliable data that you can act on. We can collaborate with you on which survey methods are best suited for you and your company’s needs.
  • Automated messaging – You could have the best intentions to perform driver outreach on key milestone dates (i.e., anniversaries, birthdays), but overlapping priorities can get in the way. You want a catch-all to make sure the ball is not dropped. We can create automated, personal touches that are sent via e-mail or text directly to the driver based on a date tag field.
  • Broadcasting & communication – With drivers out on the road daily, it’s challenging to integrate them into your company culture and communicate events in real time. We can help you create a content calendar with engaging relevant communications to send out, including current safety and operations information, changes, and key updates.
  • Coaching & development – When drivers express frustration with your company, trust has been jeopardized and you need to arm your team with the techniques to properly address issues and concerns. We can simulate scenarios and provide you a series of methods on how to control the conversation.
  • Interventions – If you come across a driver problem or low survey rating, that means a driver has raised their hand for attention. You now have a valuable window of opportunity to jump in – otherwise the driver may look elsewhere for a job opportunity. We can devise response strategies and configure an intervention management tool to properly respond to these issues.
  • Employee training – An obstacle to running a successful retention program is obtaining commitment from your team to keep up with it. We can provide comprehensive training to your employees on how to manage and respond to survey results.
  • Retention programs – Getting the formula right when it comes to retention bonuses and driver incentives can be complex. We can brainstorm and collaborate with you on various compensation strategies that are best suited for your company.   
  • Monitoring & reporting – Strong retention rates require continuous monitoring and starts with reporting. We can walk you through the available reporting that can be accessed via the dashboard and/or sent to your inbox. We can also create supplemental custom reporting to meet your monitoring objectives, host review calls to dive deeper into your stats, make suggestions, and provide comparisons to your peers.

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If you’re looking to speed up results, enhance your Tenstreet proficiency, or gain a competitive edge, connect with Tenstreet Professional Services. We can’t wait to apply our expertise to help your business grow.

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