Essential Recruiting & Management Tools for Small Fleets

Small Fleets and the Driver Shortage

The driver shortage has hit the smaller fleets the hardest. Because there are fewer drivers on the market, competition for candidates has become more intense and recruiting methods have become much more sophisticated as carriers struggle to attract drivers from the smaller candidate pool. Even though smaller fleets have better retention rates and can often offer better employment terms than their larger competitors, many small carriers are currently struggling to attract and convert enough new applicants to meet their recruitment needs. The inability to properly staff their fleets can quickly cause small carriers’ businesses to falter. Because these carriers are especially vulnerable to the driver shortage, it’s even more important that they stay on top of the latest, most effective recruitment strategies.

With all the unique problems facing smaller carriers, Tenstreet has developed the Small Fleet Edition (SFE) to give smaller fleets the tools they need to adopt mobile-friendly recruitment strategies and streamline the entire recruitment process. The SFE provides smaller carriers access to software that simplifies the application process and that is easy for drivers and recruiters to use. SFE provides access to Tenstreet’s market-leading recruitment software, safety-tracking software, and post-hire management software. Specifically, the Tenstreet SFE includes the following features:

  • IntelliApp, our mobile-friendly driver application system
  • Xpress, our web-based application management system
  • Xchange, our easy employment verification system

The SFE also includes DQF management tools and file optimization to store driver documents easily in one place and conduct drip marketing; it also includes a communications engine that helps you manage your communications and stay in touch with potential and current drivers.

"Over 50% of all driver applications are completed on mobile devices"

Two Generations Behind

In the past, having an online application system wasn’t as important as it is today. Paper applications were previously only one generation behind the newer recruitment methods, and because many small fleets didn’t even have websites, having a web application wasn’t even a possibility. However, not having an online application system is not a viable option today. Over 50% of all driver applications are completed on mobile devices. If your business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly application available, you’re missing half your potential candidate pool and creating the impression that your company is behind the times and out of touch with your applicants’ current needs.

To be competitive in today’s recruiting market, the ability to receive mobile applications is essential, and mobile application systems need to function independently from the traditional websites small carriers may or may not have. The SFE allows smaller carriers to leverage IntelliApp and easily create simple-to-use, DOT-compliant applications that support all major mobile platforms. In addition, because more drivers use IntelliApp than any other recruitment application, utilizing IntelliApp instantly expands small carriers’ candidate pool, giving them access to all the drivers who are already familiar with using the system. By using the IntelliApp pre-population feature, your business can get more applications with the same amount of advertising. By taking advantage of the SFE and IntelliApp, small carriers can see a 475% increase in completed applications.

Sorting & Contacting Driver Applicants

"Xpress can even be downloaded onto smartphones via the App Store"

Another big problem smaller fleets often experience in the recruitment process is dealing with the applications themselves. While larger fleets can have entire teams sort through applications and contact candidates, the people handling recruiting at small carriers may be responsible for completing multiple tasks, and they may not have a lot of time to dedicate to active recruiting. This can significantly slow down the recruitment process and cause your business to miss many opportunities. Fortunately, the Xpress system included in the SFE delivers an easy-to-use applicant-tracking system. Xpress can even be downloaded onto smartphones via the App Store, allowing recruiters who are away from their desks or in the field to instantly respond to qualified candidates as soon as an application comes in. The SFE even helps manage your fleet with DQF tools that allow you to make sure your fleet is compliant whether you’re in the office or on the road.

The ultimate goal of the SFE is to provide you and your business everything a small carrier needs to build and manage a fleet. The software access included in the SFE is designed to do exactly that by giving you the tools necessary to automate time-consuming tasks and centralize all the information you need for day-to-day management.

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