Tenstreet: From A to Z

We’ve been in the trucking industry long enough to know that every business has its own problems. Company A might need help finding qualified drivers, while Company B wants a way to contact applicants on their mobile devices. Meanwhile, Company C is struggling with organizing their driver paperwork and Company D just wants a way to learn about the latest compliance changes so they can ensure they’re up to date. We hear you, which is why we’ve created an alphabet of solutions to help companies of all sorts. Here’s what Tenstreet is all about, from A to Z.

Adverse Action Letters.

Ending up in hot water because you forgot to send a required letter to an applicant you aren’t hiring is no fun for anybody. Our Adverse Action Letter service lets you manage and track this process through your dashboard and send letters out to ineligible drivers with the click of a button, keeping you compliant.

Ban the Box.

It’s tough to keep up-to-date on the latest requirements for your job applications, especially if you operate in multiple states with different laws for each region or terminal. Our IntelliApp is designed to adapt to the legal requirements of the area of your job posting, dynamically adding and removing pieces like Ban the Box based on your geographic location.


If A and B on this list were any indication, we care a lot about compliance. Since our system is exclusively for companies that hire drivers, everything about our products and services is designed with your regulations in mind. You can trust that we’ll always stay up-to-date with the latest changes and tailor our products to help you maintain compliance.

Drip Marketing.

The effort of finding qualified drivers is wasted if you can’t keep them interested in your company or respond to them fast enough. Drip marketing allows you to send automated, personalized email campaigns to applicants to keep them engaged and to ensure hiring happens as fast as possible.

Enhanced Refer-a-Friend.

Referrals are a great way to get leads on potential new drivers, but managing the referral process can be difficult. Enhanced Refer-a-Friend makes it simple, giving drivers a one-step process for recommending other drivers and the ability to receive updates on where the driver they referred is in the hiring process.

Forms Capture.

If you’re still using paper forms during your orientation process, you’re delaying a driver from getting in your truck and making money, and you’re creating more paperwork for your team to sustain. Forms Capture allows drivers to fill out and sign paperwork online before orientation, letting you track their progress and shortening class time.


The more drivers you hire, the more Greyhound bus tickets you need to buy to get them to your terminal. We’ve made purchasing those tickets easy by providing access to fares, schedules, and ticketing info through your Xpress dashboard.


Finding and hiring good drivers is one of the most urgent problems we hear about from recruiters – if your truck is sitting in the yard instead of out on the road, you’re losing money. No matter how your company runs, Tenstreet has a way to make your hiring process faster and more efficient. Just ask us how!


And speaking of hiring, drivers and companies alike love IntelliApp, our DOT-compliant long-form application that can be completed in minutes. By simplifying and accelerating the application process, your company will attract many more applicants and will see more completed applications.

Job Store.

Imagine if you could order job board postings for a variety of different job sites in a one-stop-shop with just a few clicks. Good news: Job Store makes this a reality with an easy way to order all your advertising in one place.


Deep knowledge of the trucking industry and the unique needs of companies that employ CDL drivers is imbedded in every one of our products. From the ground up, we design for ease of use and compliance with regulations, and we’d be doing our customers a disservice if we didn’t. Knowledge is the best free service we provide (besides Xchange, that is).

Landing Pages.

Don’t have a website? You’re making it harder for drivers to find you. Companies without sites can get their own Landing Page from us, which provides an embedded pre-populating lead app that can upgrade to a full IntelliApp to attract new drivers to your business.


As much as we want to hand the M spot over to our superlative marketing tools, we can’t ignore the numbers. Drivers are increasingly using their mobile devices to engage with companies – in the last two years alone, mobile submissions of IntelliApps have climbed to 70% of total applications received, and we expect that number to keep growing. When drivers are on the road without access to a computer, the ability to apply to a job posting on a mobile device sets companies apart. Tenstreet operates using a mobile-first (not just mobile-friendly) strategy, so we’ve got you covered from your IntelliApp to your mobile onboarding solutions.

Network Providers.

Being a network provider through our Xchange network means you can respond to employment verification requests with the click of a button, rather than spending your days drowning in faxed requests. Join the other 45,000 companies in the network, and put an end to the faxing madness. Network Providers have more time, get free Driver Monitoring reports, the ability to streamline the submission of termination records, and ultimately get drivers into trucks that much faster. And it’s free!


If you’ve ever been baffled by which of your advertising channels are actually getting you drivers, Origins is the analysis tool you’ve been looking for. It tracks all your advertising costs and where your applications come from, making it easy to chart effectiveness and eliminate weak channels.


Tenstreet is streamlining drug screenings the same way we’ve brought automation to the hiring process. Our new PulseMD service allows you to schedule a driver for a drug test at one of thousands of electronically-capable facilities across the US with a single click and receive status updates and results directly in your Xpress dashboard.

Qualified Drivers.

One of the things that makes recruiting such a pain is finding drivers that fit the necessary requirements for your job posting. For tough-to-fill jobs, Pulse Match is a tailor-made solution that allows for companies to specify requirements like location, experience, certifications, and more. This helps drivers see you, and you see more applications you can actually use.

Report Wizard.

Every company evaluates their recruiting success differently, so we want to give you the ability to massage your data in the way that’s most useful to you. Our customizable Report Wizard lets you analyze and graph your driver demographics, application metrics, or custom tags.

School Network.

Many new drivers entering the workforce get their CDLs through truck driving schools. Tenstreet has partnered with several of these schools to create a network connecting carriers and students so they can easily apply to jobs while the schools track their hiring progress. These drivers will seek out companies that have an easy application process. Don’t let a paper application keep you from reaching the newest crop of talent – join the School Network today!

Tenstreet On Demand.

Small fleets, we hear you – you don’t need the same scope of features as large companies, but you can still benefit massively from tools specifically designed to streamline your process. That’s why we have Tenstreet On Demand for fleets who want an out-of-the-box-ready solution that you pay for only as you need it.

User Conference.

The only thing we love more than hunching over our keyboards creating cool new stuff is talking to our clients. That’s why we host our annual User Conference in Las Vegas every April – we discuss industry trends, talk about our cool new stuff, and meet one-on-one with our users. We’re always counting down!


Requesting employment verifications through Xchange is how most companies get to know us. Our Xchange network for driver verifications will always be free to use because we see the value in saving companies tons of time every day. It’s our way of showing you how much we can help at every step of the process.


Want to see how Tenstreet can help your business but not sure what you’re looking for? Sign up for one of our monthly webinars on how we can help with some of your toughest transportation problems. We also host deep dives on some of our other features and post the recordings on our website for you to view at your convenience.


As much as we love Xchange, this coveted spot in the alphabet has to go to Xpress. Our driver management dashboard makes keeping track of drivers –  from new applicants to your most tenured employees – effortless with paperless file storage that keeps everything organized and makes requesting info as simple as clicking a button.

Year-Over-Year Growth.

Our mission at Tenstreet is to help your business run better. This means saving you time, money, and effort so that you can focus on growing your business the way you want to. We’re here to grow with you and have products and services for fleets of every size. On top of that, we’re growing along with you – Tenstreet continues to see a rise in applications year after year, which means more drivers in our network to connect with.

Zero Paper.

The only thing we love more than saving trees is efficiency. Companies with digital processes save time and keep their data more secure. From putting your application online to digitizing the dented filing cabinet of driver records in your office, we want to take paper out of your equation. Let me spell it out: Tenstreet has a fix for anything that’s keeping your company from being the best it can be. If you’re dying to know more about any of our services, email sales@tenstreet.com or call 877-219-9283 to set up a conversation about how we can be your A-to-Z solution.  

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