The Work Number From Equifax Sweetens the Tenstreet Dashboard

Xchange already makes verifying and providing employment verifications fast and easy, accelerating the previous employer investigation process for the over 45,000 companies who use it; and because our mission is to create and capture value for our clients, we’ve made it even better.

Today, we’re pleased to introduce a new partnership announced at our 3rd Annual User Conference: The Work Number® from Equifax. Together, we share a common belief that verifications of employment (VOE) should be as easy as possible, and take up as little time as possible – echoed by this year’s strong focus on automation in Xchange around requesting driver signatures and VOEs.

The integration with Equifax for The Work Number, along with Tenstreet, bolsters these efforts by eliminating time spent outside of your Tenstreet dashboard verifying employment.  It automatically updates your Tenstreet applications when new employers are found and helps to benefit the employee by creating a secure and accelerated decision process.

Currently, clients without the integration need to sign in to The Work Number website, enter the applicant’s information, request the verification, and manually record the result back into the Tenstreet dashboard.

An end to working in two different dashboards

Now, when a provider has chosen The Work Number as their method in Xchange, the integration will automatically verify the employment of the applicant, update the application, and store the document(s) – all seamlessly within the Tenstreet dashboard. It even pulls in any previously-verified employers associated with the applicant that weren’t included on the original application to give you a complete picture of their employment history.

To sweeten things even more, phase II of the integration will give you the option to have The Work Number automatically run verifications on every applicant, regardless of the chosen provider method. The choice is yours.

Do you want the good news or the good news?

If that wasn’t enough, here’s the real cherry on the cake: the integration for The Work Number is a no-cost service! Watch the webinar below, then let your Tenstreet Account Manager know you’re interested in the integration and we’ll get you on the road to verifications of employment that are faster, easier, and provide the bigger picture of your applicants’ employment history.

More about The Work Number® from Equifax

The Work Number delivers an automated verification solution that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, ultimately benefiting the employee by creating a secure and accelerated decision process. The Work Number provides instant employment and salary verifications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reduces the level of employer involvement in the process.

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