Case Study: Tenstreet Delivers Recruiting Solution for Baker’s Express

After relying on just one job board with lackluster results, the Indianapolis-based trucking company harnessed the power of Tenstreet’s Job Store, tapping into a bigger pool of high-quality driver candidates. In a past effort to recruit truck drivers, Baker’s Express was spending a ton of money on one job board that brought in just a […]

Driver Appreciation Week: How to Honor America’s Everyday Heroes

America’s truck drivers keep our nation moving. Nearly every necessity and comfort we enjoy in life is brought to us by truck drivers. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (September 11-17, 2022) represents an important time for all of us in the transportation industry to pay respect to and thank these professional drivers for their hard […]

Stay Metrics’ Driver Turnover & Retention Update: Q1 2022

The holiday season has come and gone, and much of North America is in the thick of winter weather. With the start of 2022, the trucking industry continues to struggle with driver availability issues due to drivers leaving the industry during the pandemic, increased demand, and the Clearinghouse. Displayed below are the quarterly Stay Days […]

Stay Metrics’ Driver Turnover & Retention Update: Q4 2021

2021 is quickly coming to a close, and with the upcoming holiday season combined with new driver shortage concerns, carriers can expect a challenging time ahead. With the constantly evolving nature of the trucking industry, it’s important to stay on top of where your carrier stands in this end-of-year market. Stay Metrics, now owned by […]

Tenstreet’s New & Improved Safety Management: An Interconnected Solution

As a safety manager, one of the most challenging aspects of your job is keeping up with the paperwork and various systems in place that are necessary to stay on top of issues. When an event happens, you’re used to hitting the ground running – working with the driver, logging into your telematics platform, typing […]

Stay Metrics’ Driver Turnover & Retention Update: Q3 2021

How is your company faring when it comes to driver retention? Stay Metrics, now owned by Tenstreet, believes in sharing its retention knowledge to strengthen the industry and provides the Stay Days Table, which tracks carrier retention rates for newly hired drivers, and Turnover Report, each quarter. 2021 continues to offer challenges across industries and […]

Stay Metrics’ Driver Turnover & Retention Update: Q2 2021

Have you found yourself wondering if the trends you’re seeing in your driver retention data are similar to what other carriers have been experiencing? Stay Metrics, now owned by Tenstreet, believes in sharing its retention knowledge to strengthen the industry. Below is our Stay Days Table and Turnover Report, updated for Q2, 2021. 2020 and […]

Want more responses to your driver surveys? Offer rewards points!

To tackle driver retention, many carriers use feedback surveys to learn directly from drivers about their pain points with the company. The surveys, naturally, become more valuable as more individuals complete them, providing additional data to analyze. Sometimes though, sending another reminder to complete a survey just isn’t enough to convince a driver to take […]

Stay Metrics Data Shows Driver Retention Issues Differ For Women And Men

When recruiting new drivers or focusing on your current fleet, there is a need to understand at a macro level what results in driver satisfaction and commitment. Should you focus efforts on pay, routes, dispatcher relationships, or elsewhere? Are there certain demographics that you are especially interested in learning about? Understanding what drivers are satisfied […]

Introducing Insights: Helping You Improve Driver Engagement & Retention

You and your team dedicate enormous amounts of time and money to driver recruitment in advertising, onboarding, training, and hiring. When drivers then leave shortly after starting, it hurts not knowing the reason or what you could have done to prevent it. It also bruises your budget to start all over again in filling that […]