7 Reasons to Use the IntelliApp For Your Non-DOT Apps

Tenstreet has helped thousands of carriers to streamline their hiring of truck drivers with our groundbreaking application technology. The IntelliApp saves drivers’ data, helping cut application time for busy drivers from hours to minutes while offering carriers a range of features that let them identify their highest-quality applicants, follow up quickly, and complete other pre-hire activities with ease so they can make an offer fast. But the IntelliApp’s strengths aren’t specifically limited to hiring truck drivers – companies can use our non-DOT app feature to realize all the benefits of this tool for your non-trucking hires.

In a year that seems to suggest that we’ll continue to see a slow economy, finding gains in the form of less time spent on recruiting and managing data can free companies up for other activities. As we’ve written before, the IntelliApp is designed at every stage to save carriers and applicants time. Private fleets in particular have a proven track record of getting immense value out of moving their application gathering into the Tenstreet system for both DOT and non-DOT positions.

Read on to learn 7 reasons why Tenstreet’s IntelliApp can be the perfect application for any type of open position you have in your company.

1. The Power of Pre-Population

The IntelliApp’s pre-population feature is one of its biggest assets–the tool saves an applicant’s data the first time it’s submitted and auto-fills that information on future applications a person submits to other companies. By using IntelliApp for your open mechanic, warehouse, back office positions, and more, you can leverage the thousands of former drivers who move into these roles and already have their information in the system, making it extra convenient to reach this pool of candidates and track their history in the industry. And with more companies choosing to use IntelliApp for non-DOT hiring every month, this tool will continue to grow its network and increase the value it offers.

2. Everything In One Place

By using different versions of the IntelliApp for your non-DOT applications (which is made easy by the fact that each of your application types has its own link for easy sharing and posting on job boards), you can bring all your applicant and employee data into the same dashboard. Having just one login to manage all your candidates, hires, and paperwork means you don’t have to toggle between systems for your DOT and non-DOT hires and can apply a consistent set of standards across your hiring base.

One database also means one access point for stored paperwork, and Xpress keeps everything electronically backed-up and securely stored in digital files for every applicant and hire, ensuring your data is easily accessible yet safely protected.

3. Xpress-Powered Applicant Processing Tools

Keeping all your hiring in Tenstreet means you also have access to the under-the-hood technology that makes Xpress such a powerful application management tool.

By using Worklists, you can automatically group and route applicants for processing to different staff members based on the type of job you’re hiring for, like by putting your non-DOT positions into their own list to be worked.

Xpress lets you set up Scoring rules to identify which applications are coming from the most promising candidates. Setting point values to certain qualifications for even your non-DOT applicants helps you see which candidates you should reach out to first, giving you a better chance of reaching them before another company does. Applicants can be scored on experience, location, answers to custom questions, or whatever metrics you find most valuable in an applicant.

Using simple workflow rules, Xpress can convert key application information into Tags, reportable and searchable attributes about an applicant that can be used to help you determine how he or she fits into your organization.

4. One Home for Job Postings

In addition to all the trucking-specific job boards in our Job Store, we also offer the ability to easily post your jobs to boards like Indeed and Craigslist that court all kinds of job-seekers. The Job Store lets you order all your advertising with just a few clicks and use the same posting in multiple places so you aren’t constantly maintaining and updating your open jobs on several sites, saving you time and effort on advertising and making it easy to experiment.

5. Responsive Compliance You Can Trust

Trucking companies know more than most why having a compliant hiring process is necessary, but even though non-DOT positions often have less strenuous legal requirements, the IntelliApp can still make it easy for your company to abide by compliance laws that apply to everyone. For example, the IntelliApp automatically adapts based on the latest Ban the Box laws, automatically removing criminal background questions from your application if you’re hiring employees in a Ban the Box state. Similarly, if a state you’re hiring in has adopted Pay Equity Laws, questions about compensation in previous positions will be removed – keeping you in line with the law.

6. Robust Analytics and Reporting

Xpress offers a range of metrics through our Success Center that allow companies to track the success of their recruiting efforts and the success of individual recruiters, whether in hiring for DOT or non-DOT positions. These metrics help you to track the length of your hiring cycle, the speed of response times, your hiring rates, and many other data points, supporting more data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Add-on features like IntelliApp Stats provide greater visibility into application behaviors through the use of data, letting you easily identify trends and make reliable predictions that enable you to better market to future applicants and discover where in the process applicants are most likely to drop out, giving you insight into how you can improve.

7. Integrations That Eliminate Repetitive Busywork

Tenstreet offers dozens of product integrations and can connect directly to almost any HRIS or payroll system. We have the capability to send applicant data to these systems, so if you’re using Tenstreet for your recruiting process, these data pushes save you from re-entering the same basic information into another platform, saving recruiters time and effort.

Getting Started with the IntelliApp

If you aren’t already using the IntelliApp to hire your DOT and non-DOT candidates, now is the perfect time to get started and see why thousands of carriers use this tool to streamline and optimize their hiring. Contact us today to learn more about our recruting solutions!

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