How To Use Driver Job Boards Effectively

If you’re a recruiter, it can seem like new ways to find drivers spring up every time you get online. The advent of technology has made options for both drivers and carriers abundant, but that also means it’s harder than ever to figure out which advertising platforms are best for your business and its needs. […]

New Job Store Merchants Being Added Monthly

Job Store allows you to purchase IntelliApps from over 20 popular job board sites. Tenstreet has teamed up with some of the nation’s most popular job boards so you can post your jobs across multiple sites, all from one convenient access point. Each board gives you access to a unique market set and has individual […]

Putting an End to Advertising Inefficiency

When we look at how advertising for drivers works in 2017, we’re reminded a lot of how verifications worked in 2007. Drivers paying $20 to fax in authorizations from truck stops, people standing over fax machines to send requests (and resending, and resending), filling in forms and sending them back, wash, rinse, repeat… When we […]

Keys to Convert Job Board Leads into Hired Drivers

In order to fill their orientation classes and keep their trucks on the road, many carriers rely on job boards to deliver a steady stream of leads for drivers. However, building the best process to convert job board leads into new hires is a challenge. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that the leads […]

5 Steps to Make the Most of Driver Job Boards

The concept of having one platform that brings employers and job seekers together has been around for almost 25 years. Today, the driver job board continues to serve as a useful way for employers to find employees and for job seekers to find employment. Nearly one-fifth of all hiring takes place through driver job boards, second […]