5 Ways Smaller Fleets Can Recruit Drivers and Save Time & Money

As trucking fleets across the nation face a severe driver shortage, recruitment can be a full-time job in itself. But for many smaller fleets, overburdened owners don’t have an additional staff member to take on the time-consuming duties of finding and hiring drivers. Fleet owners often wear multiple hats, from recruitment to safety to operations […]

7 Trucking Grants That Can Help You Start a Trucking Company

Trucking is a thriving industry that has managed to survive everything the world has thrown at it. Demand for the transportation of goods has never been higher, which has been largely accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and individuals alike have increased their expectations, and truckers are responsible for meeting that demand. Without trucking companies, […]

New Pay-as-you-go Solution for Smaller Fleets

Not all companies are created equal – and that’s a glorious thing in any industry. In the trucking industry, every carrier operates a little (or a lot) differently, and things are in constant flux. And if you have a smaller fleet or are just starting out, you may think that you aren’t a good fit […]

Small Fleet Owners Take the Weight Off, Work Fewer Hours

It’s a big challenge running a small trucking company, and this wasn’t a decision you made lightly. Every decision you make has the potential to bear incredible consequences, good or bad, and you know your ability to recruit good drivers can make or break you. Tenstreet software for small fleets was designed specifically for the […]

Essential Recruiting & Management Tools for Small Fleets

Small Fleets and the Driver Shortage The driver shortage has hit the smaller fleets the hardest. Because there are fewer drivers on the market, competition for candidates has become more intense and recruiting methods have become much more sophisticated as carriers struggle to attract drivers from the smaller candidate pool. Even though smaller fleets have […]