Tenstreet Q3 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

Our roundup of industry data for Q3 indicates an especially strong rebound from the unpredictability of the pandemic years – as well as the usual seasonal signals that recruiting is headed for a holiday slowdown. Read on to learn more about what you should be prioritizing this quarter. To see enlarged versions of a chart, […]

Tenstreet Q2 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

We’re always prepared for unexpected changes when it comes to the trucking industry – so many outside factors can affect how a carrier operates and what its finances look like. But Q2 of 2022 has been particularly unpredictable, presenting new challenges for companies trying to keep operations steady. Our roundup of industry data this quarter […]

Tenstreet Q1 Market Index: Recruitment & Retention Rundown

The transportation industry is always changing. While the pandemic appears to be waning in the U.S., new issues bring challenges to both carriers and drivers. Covid outbreaks in China, high gas prices, the war in Ukraine, and lack of equipment availability continue to introduce turbulence to trucking at large. Understanding what’s happening in the industry […]

Tenstreet Market Index: Trucking Industry Turbulence Ahead

2021 has been an especially unpredictable year in an industry that already suffers from major uncertainty. The effects of COVID-19 on the economy and on the driver market are still being felt all across the nation, and carriers have their work cut out for them when it comes to keeping up with the need to […]

Tenstreet Market Index: Positive Driver Hiring Outlook

You may remember from our last dispatch on the driver market that conditions in the industry were looking challenging for carriers in the year since COVID-19 hit the U.S. While many carriers are still working to get their businesses back to where they once were, we’re pleased to report that we’ve seen several positive industry-wide […]

Tenstreet Market Index: What To Do When App Volumes Plummet

A healthy interest in the driver market always ranks high on a carrier’s list. But given the tough conditions the industry has experienced over the last year, this interest has shifted to a furrowed concern. With application volumes dropping every week and more trucks sitting vacant, the desperation for drivers means carriers are likely paying […]

COVID-19 Creates Industry Shift in Driver Behavior: Latest Stats

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently witnessing an unprecedented change in driver behavior and industry-related trends and would like to share these findings with our clients and the rest of the trucking industry. Our goal in this blog is to provide insight into the driver market to help carriers make more informed […]

Tenstreet Index Part 2: Taking Action

Previously, we discussed some of the trends that we have been seeing here at Tenstreet across our platforms. We took a look at our unique data and crunched the numbers to produce some interesting charts and insights into the driver job market, and how drivers and carriers are navigating it. We looked at several different […]

Tenstreet Index | Part 1
Driver Job Market Data

Speculation about the driver job market is never in short supply. The question of what’s happening is always an interesting one, and particularly relevant to us here at Tenstreet. We strive to provide the best services to our clients and the trucking industry when it comes to recruiting and thought the issue deserves closer inspection. We […]