How Tenstreet Makes Compliance Convenient

Keeping your carrier compliant is a necessity of operating in the transportation industry. Noncompliance can spell doom for a company if you fail an audit or find yourself at the wrong end of a massive lawsuit, and compliance policies also serve the crucial purpose of protecting the safety of the public when trucks are out on the road.

Even though staying compliant is necessary, that doesn’t have to make it a burden. At Tenstreet, we believe the safety managers who are juggling countless tasks should be able to maintain compliance using the same tools and processes that already help other aspects of their businesses run. That’s why every tool we offer is updated to maintain the latest standards of compliance and to make meeting the necessary standards as easy for both carriers and drivers as possible.

A streamlined compliance approach doesn’t just benefit carriers by making their jobs easier –  a smoother process for drivers means you’re more likely to see higher-quality applications, applicants and hires who complete tasks before orientation, a faster hiring timeline, and happier drivers who work for you longer.

Read on to learn about the different ways you can stay conveniently compliant using Tenstreet’s tools.

1. The DOT-compliant application that stays compliant.

Tenstreet’s IntelliApp makes it easy for carriers to maintain compliance because we automatically update the application to reflect changing laws and regulations. Your IntelliApp also changes responsively based on what roles your drivers are applying for and where they’re applying from. For example, if a driver applies from a Ban The Box state where questions about criminal history are prohibited, the IntelliApp will automatically remove those questions from the application the driver fills out.

The IntelliApp also makes it easier for drivers to share all the necessary information every time they apply using its auto-population feature. Once a driver enters their work history once, the system remembers it and fills it in on all subsequent applications, making the requisite past history requirements as easy to apply as clicking a button.

Finally, the IntelliApp allows carriers to collect all the necessary driver signatures during the application process, which makes processing consumer reports and past employment verifications a breeze for carriers and applicants alike.

2. Consumer reports right in your dashboard.

When using Tenstreet to manage your hiring processes, you have the ability to order, receive, and review consumer reports within the dashboard where you store applications, driver-submitted paperwork, documents, and more.

Having these functionalities in your dashboard saves you from platform-switching and helps you review the entire story of an applicant or hired driver in one place, clarifying your decision-making and speeding up your time-to-hire by making it easier to vet eligibility for employment.

3. Easy driver-driven document collection from anywhere.

Hiring working truck drivers means being able to reach and process drivers who are out on the road and often don’t have access to a computer, printer, or scanner. These constraints normally make it challenging for drivers to supply documents like a copy of their CDL or med card, but Tenstreet’s Document Uploader feature through the Driver Pulse App lets drivers submit compliant document photos using their phone’s camera. Once submitted, those documents go straight into the driver’s DQ file for easy access and retrieval.

4. Drug testing and physicals that save you and the driver time.

One of the biggest inconveniences for a newly hired driver is having to make time to complete a drug test and physical scheduled by the carrier. Tenstreet’s Pulse MD allows drivers to schedule these requirements at a convenient time and at a location that’s close to them, and carriers receive the results directly in their dashboard and the driver’s DQ file. This tool can reduce your time-to-hire by multiple days and also saves you the expense of transporting new hires to orientation only to have them fail a test later.

5. Responsive driver training on the go.

Keeping up with training is easy when drivers have a tool right in their hands to access an entire training library of videos and quizzes that can be automatically assigned by the carrier based on infractions or accidents. Tenstreet offers more than 230 training courses on all kinds of general knowledge and safety topics, so you can prepare new drivers before they show up at orientation and keep hired drivers up to date on timely topics and new changes.

Tenstreet is also a certified training provider for ELDT coursework for drivers looking to get their Class A or Class B CDL, Passenger license, or Hazardous Materials license, so you can confidently hire new drivers and get them trained on their new material while they’re on the road.

6. Checklists and notifications keep everyone on the same page.

Getting a new hire into a truck takes coordination and follow-through by both the driver and the carrier, and it’s easy for even the best-intentioned team to miss a critical step. Carrier and driver checklists make it clear to everyone what necessary steps have been completed and which are still required, ensuring you get everything you need from the driver to build a complete and up-to-date DQ file.

Automated notifications within your dashboard let your safety team know when a driver document in their file is missing or about to expire, letting you easily solicit an updated document from that driver that they can deliver straight through the Pulse app.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Maintaining compliance can be an easy part of your day-to-day business if you have tools that build it in at every stage. Tenstreet’s tools are built with compliance in mind without sacrificing the convenience and speed carriers need to keep up with competition. Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can streamline your operations and keep you safe today.

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