Staying Compliant with Tenstreet’s DQF

Managing paper files is a grueling task. And as your fleet grows, any form of a paper-based filing system quickly starts to border impossible. The process will only become increasingly manual even through the use of spreadsheets – subsequent workflows and approvals will remain inconsistent; expiring or missing driver qualification files will go overlooked. 

You know that faxing and manually sorting documents is no longer a realistic practice. And if you really need a reliable way to keep up with DOT regulations and compliance – Tenstreet’s FMCSA Driver Qualification File solution is the answer. So what is it?


Tenstreet’s DQF is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that sends you alerts when required files are missing, expired, or about to expire. Highly-customizable, alerts can be configured to notify different users at different times (for example, alerts the Safety Manager at 30 days prior to expiration, and alerts the VP of Safety at 5 days) – or however your business works.


Tenstreet’s DQF is your first step in going paperless, allowing you to manage the compliance of your driver documents without the paper shuffle or manual spreadsheet tracking. With our DQF software, your transition into a state-of-the-art paperless system is easy and painless. Tenstreet’s DQF goes to work the moment drivers apply with your company, making it easy to move to a paperless system and integrate existing paper files at your own pace.


We appreciate your business, as well as what you and your business are trying to do. And like you, we prefer simplicity in a payment program. Tenstreet charges a low, flat monthly rate –and will never nickel-and-dime you with a per-document or per-driver fee


Tenstreet’s DQF software is SOC II compliant, meaning it maintains a robust security program that is consistent with industry standards. You can place confidence in the fact that your DOT-compliant digitized signatures and personal driver information will stay secure and confidential. Your drivers’ records are stored in a state-of-the-art data center that you can access from anywhere, at any time.


Drivers digital DQF folders can house a driver’s application, signed releases, screening reports, MVR, a copy of the CDL, etc., eliminating all paper maintenance. When paired with Forms Capture, Tenstreet DQF:

  • enables Annual MVR Certification forms to be captured online,
  • leverages data already captured in the recruiting process to auto-populate portions of the form,
  • validates that the forms are completed correctly,
  • uploads those forms under the proper category into the driver’s file in Xpress, and
  • gives drivers the option to interact via their smartphone (using our Driver Pulse app or a mobile browser) or their computer.


Tenstreet DQF software gives you the gift of your time back, so you can spend more of it recruiting the best drivers – or on any other task that may have taken a backseat while you were working in an outdated, paper system.

Tenstreet’s DQF solution goes above and beyond what the regulations require, helping our clients have the flexibility over what they choose to track – including several ways to capture documents, and a host of tools around advanced reporting. This digital solution to a paper problem allows you to easily move through the DQF management process with automation, convenience, and interactive tools and reporting that help make each iteration less painful than the last, making what was formally a paper-based process 100% paper-free.

Let us get you on the good side of your auditor! Call on us today at 877-219-9283 for a free DQF demo, and find out more about what Tenstreet can do for you.

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