Dear Safety: Your Job Has Just Gotten Easier

We’re happy to announce the release of two powerful new additions to our line of truck driver safety services. Now along with our DQF module, which includes the Missing and Expired Documents reporting, come two new Safety services:

  • Driver Management View
  • Bulk Order MVRs

1. Safety Improved with A New View – Driver Management

Dear Safety 1

The Driver Management view is a powerful tool that allows you to see key at-a-glance safety details on your drivers.

This view offers a straight-forward way to view and manage your drivers’ accident and incidents (including type(s), points, relevant dates and basically whatever field you can dream up) – without searching through your Documents tab.


Dear Safety 2


Add Advanced Automation Services in conjunction with Driver Management, and the advantages only flourish. Automatically enroll drivers in a training course if their points exceed a certain value. Get special messaging/reporting if a driver nears the maximum number of points your company allows. Reports run nightly to reflect any points that have fallen off or expired, so your numbers (and any associated tags) are always up-to-date.

Want more than point management? Track other safety-related data, such as Gear Issued, Customer Complaints, and Equipment. Or track data not related to safety at all. This highly-flexible view can be leveraged to work with any combination of your data that your team wishes to easily access.

2. Order Bulk MVRs for all Your Drivers with One-Click

Dear Safety 3

Ordering annual MVRs individually just became a thing of the past. Now, under the Search tab, you can simply enter the search criteria to select the subset of drivers you want to target. A couple more clicks to finalize your order, and you’re done. Multiple MVRs ordered, in just a matter of seconds.

Pro Tip: Using an ‘MVR Anniversary Month’ tag is a simple way to search, find and order MVRs each month for your drivers in need.


Dear Safety 4


As another item of convenience, the ‘Order Bulk MVR’ button has also been added to the ‘DQF Missing/Expired Documents Report’. So, just as with the option of ‘Send to Bulk Communication Scheduler’, you can easily make your Bulk MVR orders from this report as well.


Dear Safety 5

Want to learn more, or see it in action? Please call us at 877-219-9283 or email us at sales@tenstreet.com. We look forward to talking with you!

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