Take Control of Your Job Search with Driver Pulse

driverpulseSo you’re looking for a job, and you’ve applied at several companies you like. But now what? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening with your applications and to have some sense of control?

Giving control back to you—the driver—is exactly what Tenstreet had in mind when we created Driver Pulse. The Pulse app (available for iPhone and Android) makes it easy to see the statuses of all of your applications with every carrier.  You have a front-row seat to the hiring process right from your phone.

Reach Out to Your Recruiter in Real Time

call-text-recruiterWith Pulse, you can do more than just check your application activity. Once you download the app and sign in, you will see a screen listing all the carriers you’ve ever applied to, the name of your recruiter, the last time you applied, and the most recent activity for each of your applications. When you enable Driver Pulse push notifications, you can even learn about changes before your recruiter.

If you click on the arrow next to your recruiter’s name, you can reach out to him or her immediately and directly from the app—either by call or text—with just the touch of a button.

Refer a Friend

Referring friends who would be perfect for a company or position is easy! Click the “Refer” button and then enter your friend’s name, phone number, and email to do them a real solid in a matter of seconds. Plus, many companies offer bonuses to drivers who refer friends who get hired! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Update Your Application

If you’ve changed your address or phone number or if you need to update any other information on an application, you can do so within Pulse by clicking the “Apply” button. You can also use the “Apply” button to put in a new application. All your application data will pre-populate since you’re already signed in, making it especially easy to complete full applications.


Complete a Driver Profile

Wouldn’t it be nice if trucking jobs would just come to you? Pulse can make that happen! If you complete your short driver profile in Pulse, companies can find you and match you with jobs they need to fill. The best part is that you gain popularity and recognition across the entire Tenstreet carrier market.

The Bottom Line

Driver Pulse keeps you in the loop. It helps you land a driving job faster and easier than ever before. It gives you the power to track your applications and the hiring process and to contact your recruiter. It allows you to like your favorite carriers, thus showing them a higher level of interest, and to block those you aren’t interested in so you never have to hear from them again. You can complete a driver profile to attract carriers to you, refer a friend to earn a kick-back, and even apply and update your app, all through Driver Pulse.

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