Adding a Personal Touch to Your Recruiting Strategy

The driver-recruiter experience just got more personal!

We’ve recently made several enhancements to our mobile and dashboard platforms by:

  • giving both driver and recruiter the ability to upload a profile picture
  • making it easier for drivers to send you requested documents
  • improving the Driver Pulse profile matrix, and
  • adding badge notifications to your Pulse users’ profiles

How Will This Work?

Recruiters can now upload a profile picture using their Xpress Mobile Dashboard app or add one directly from the web version of Xpress Dashboard. Drivers can upload theirs using the Driver Pulse app. Adding a personal touch like a profile picture to your recruiting strategy helps to make a solid first impression and strengthens the rapport between driver and recruiter earlier on in the recruiting process. And drivers add them for the same reason.

While we were in Pulse, we also made sharing documents for drivers a whole lot easier. This new convenience allows drivers to select and send the documents you request from the same screen, and with just one tap.

Overall, we’ve made changes to Driver Pulse, Xpress Mobile (Dashboard) App, and to the web-version of Xpress. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Changes to Driver Pulse

When a driver finds a carrier within Driver Pulse he wishes to apply to, he will see a new Send button that uses his profile picture (if he chooses to add one) as the icon. When the driver taps this icon, he’ll see a new profile page that provides an easier way to share the documents he’s uploaded – including his profile picture. Each stored document he’s uploaded can be individually selected or unselected based on your document request. When he’s happy with the selections he wishes to share, he simply hits Send.


2. Changes to Xpress Mobile (Dashboard) App

Recruiters now also have the ability to add a profile picture and see their account information along with their picture – including an email address, phone number, primary contacts, account manager and advisor contact information. Now you can access all the same helpful information that you can see when you’re logged into the web version of Xpress Dashboard. Don’t have Xpress on your mobile device yet? Download it here for iPhone and Android.

Not interested in getting more personal? No worries! Your Pulse Control center will soon be updated to include a control that will allow a company to turn off the profile picture functionality on the recruiter side should a primary wish to keep their recruiters anonymous. You’ll still be able to benefit from the account information included in the Xpress Mobile (Dashboard) app.


3. Changes to the Subject Record

When the subject uploads his picture, the blue man (which indicates that the subject uses Driver Pulse) icon will be replaced by the driver’s personal profile picture. Additionally, we’ve added a new badge icon here so you can easily see when a driver has added new documents that need to be reviewed and filed.

Upon clicking on the driver’s image, you will see everything in one place – his profile picture, the answer to his profile questions, the documents he’s uploaded, and the driver profile matrix which shows you how well he fits each Active Job that you have built. The ‘Uploaded Documents’ section allows you to easily review and file those documents in the Document portion of his record directly from this screen.

It’s still possible to review and file these documents from the Pulse tab – the badge simply offers additional visibility and a new convenient method of processing.

Try adding a picture to your profile today! If a driver can see who he’s working with, he or she is more likely to make a personal connection, which naturally creates a stronger interest in moving forward with your company.

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