Driver Pulse Profiles + Job Postings

Steady Improvement & Integrated System

One of the mainstays of our business philosophy at Tenstreet is constantly striving to improve our services for our customers, whether that means making big innovative leaps or steady incremental changes to better our existing products and services.

Another deeply held belief for us at Tenstreet, is that ‘loosely coupled’ services allow different parts of our platform to work together for you in powerful ways, making the whole of our services stronger than each individual part. Over the past several months, we’ve been busy putting both of these values to work, and have made a lot of incremental but powerful changes to our services, most of them focused on building upon and refining earlier versions of the tools and platforms that have already served our clients so well. In the Driver Pulse app alone, we’ve rolled out Driver Profiles, Confirmation IntelliApps, and Driver Referrals. All of these changes are free expansions to functionality that have been introduced recently.

New Pulse Profiles Feature

pulse_profileThis week, we’re introducing the next new feature in the Pulse Profiles service, designed to create more value for carriers in areas well outside of Pulse. As you may know, Driver Pulse Profiles currently give drivers the ability to indicate to carriers their qualifications and the types of jobs they are looking for, and that information is viewable to recruiters via the blue man icon in the subject view white box in Xpress. Since rolling out the Driver Pulse Profiles feature a few weeks ago, we have been excited and pleased to see how many drivers are taking advantage of this new tool (in fact, most drivers have already stored their profile).

While Pulse provides recruiters with valuable information on the drivers in their candidate pool and the preferences and qualifications of each individual, recruiters can’t easily look at a driver’s profile and determine at a glance how good a fit a candidate would be for the positions the carrier is currently trying to fill. To solve this problem, we are introducing the ability for carriers to enter, file, store, and describe their open jobs through the Xpress/Manage/Active Jobs tool.

So what does entering a job in the Xpress/Manage/Active Jobs tool actually do?

When jobs are entered into the system, Xpress can automatically show your recruiters how well individual driver profiles match up with the job requirements you have listed for different positions. Entering a job is a fast, simple process, and has been integrated with the Pulse Profile system. Next time you view a driver profile, you’ll be prompted to enter a job or two, (or more, feel free to enter as many as you’d like) which involves submitting a job description, the desired requirements for candidates, and the hiring area for that job. The process should only take between a few minutes per job, and after that, your recruiters can continue browsing driver profiles for qualified candidates with added ease and functionality. This new feature is just the first of many more improvements and advancements you’ll see coming to Pulse Profiles, and you may have a few questions about this new feature and what’s to come.

Can candidates see the jobs currently entered into the Xpress Manage Jobs system?

Not yet, but as you might expect, that’s coming soon. We want to make finding a new position as easy for drivers as it is for your recruiters to find them. Tenstreet is working on allowing drivers with Pulse Profiles to search for and view jobs that will be good fit for them based on their preferences and qualifications.

Are the jobs visible anywhere other than the Pulse Profiles window?

Again, not yet, but that’s another feature that is coming. We’re currently working on tools that will allow you to post the jobs you’ve already entered into our system to job boards, job aggregation sites, landing pages, IntelliApps, and more. So while the Xpress Manage Job feature is starting as a tool to help you get more value out of Driver Pulse Profiles, soon you’ll be able to use that same tool to help you get more value out of other parts of your operation and the other platforms you use for recruiting.

Try It out & Give Us Your Feedback

While more expansions are coming soon, for now we’re rolling out this incremental addition to Pulse Profiles so that carriers and their recruiters can get used to this new tool and provide us with feedback on what they like, what needs improvement, and what additional features they would like to see incorporated, so that we can provide our clients with the best value possible. The primary user on each account should already have access to this new tool, but if you need additional access for other people/users or have any other questions about these new changes to Pulse Profile, please let your account manager or adviser know. They’ll be happy to assist you!

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