Your Tenstreet Starter Kit: 3 Popular Stacks

LEGO®, arguably the most ingenious toy ever invented, has come up with a brilliant way to help businesses realize their full potential. Using Lego-building exercises to foster employee creativity and inspire conversation, certified LEGO facilitators lead workshops meant to “fully harvest the insight, ideas, and imagination available in your organization”. Employees leave with unique solutions to their company’s most challenging problems.

While we’ve never actually attended one of these amazing-sounding workshops, we share LEGO’s aspiration to help clients solve their most challenging problems (in the transportation industry) every day.

How to Build the Right Tenstreet for You

One of the easiest ways to think of our services and tools is as colorful Lego blocks – they’re interchangeable, come in many different sizes, and stack together in myriad ways to build complete, integrated solutions custom-built to fit your needs.

Today, let’s explore three common stacks clients use to get started with Tenstreet.

1. The Xchange + Xpress + IntelliApp + Report Wizard + Goal Tracking + IA Stats Stack 

Our most popular stack gives you everything you need to drastically reduce your time to hire. Winning you more completed apps and a significantly shorter processing time, this build helps you get more drivers behind the wheel faster than ever before. Advanced recruiting tools allow you to create reports, track recruiting or company goals, and analyze the success of your IntelliApp(s).

2. The Onboarding + DQF + Doc Uploader + Automation Stack

Interested in knocking a couple days off of your orientation class, going paperless, and removing user inefficiencies? Who isn’t? This stack allows you to easily manage and store all driver documents in an electronic file cabinet so you can say goodbye to paper for good. Drivers can complete documentation, upload images, and complete training at home from their free mobile Pulse app – knocking days off class-time. When documents are uploaded, automated process rules can trigger a status change, schedule a video, or whatever your workflow demands.

3. The Job Store + Pulse Match + Origins Stack

The answer to all your advertising needs, this marketing-centric stack gets you in front of 3.5 million drivers (a number that promises to rise). Using our digital storefront as your vehicle, we strategically match you with drivers in the market that fit your openings. Finally, along with the other sources on which you place ads (job boards, landing pages, etc.), a built-in analysis engine shows you what works, so you can adjust your spend and improve your return.

Build It, And They Will Come

Like a certified LEGO® facilitator, Tenstreet advisors work every day to provide our clients with the tools they need to improve the overall performance of their business.

Let us get to know you, as well as the problems you’re looking to solve, so we can help you build the Tenstreet stack of your dreams.

Contact us today at sales@tenstreet.co

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