Continuation IntelliApp: A New Way to Reach Busy Drivers

Drivers are just like you – busy. Many times when they’re looking for a job they’re doing so with a full load of life on their shoulders and aren’t always able to complete an application in one sitting. That’s where Continuation IntelliApp comes in.

Continuation IntelliApp notifies your recruiters of busy drivers who start an application and walk away so you can re-engage them. 1 out of 4 drivers come back and pick up where they left off to complete the application, meaning you place more drivers behind the wheel every month.

The perfect pair

Pairing perfectly with a Drip Marketing campaign, all the legwork is done for you by automatically emailing these drivers with your messaging and branding to remind them about their application, and encourage them to continue where they left off. Combining these two has proven to swell conversion rates significantly – up to an impressive 31%.

Increase your number of hires by connecting with these busy drivers today. 

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