A Complete Driver Referral Program that Works for You

Referral programs have historically proven to be an effective way to hire new drivers, especially for companies offering drivers incentives. However, just as historical are the complicated processes, spreadsheets, and other time-consuming methods used to try to keep track of the process and the payments.

In an effort to close the loop, Tenstreet has developed the Refer-A-Friend Reporting Tool extension as part of the Refer-A-Friend advanced recruiting service, which streamlines both action tracking and driver and company communications. We got a lot right on our first take – namely attribution and having the responsibility lie with the referring driver (as opposed to asking the referred driver to do something). But there was still more to be done.

Every carrier has a different structure for paying on referrals, and we support them all.

Our Refer-A-Friend Reporting Tool extension tracks all of your required incentive actions for you and notifies all primary users as each step is completed. The ability to add a note along with each step allows you to communicate any necessary internal information, keeping key personnel in the loop.

You can filter by hire date, status of the referred driver, or by any actions that still need to be performed. See your data presented in the way that makes sense for you.

Refer A Friend Report Screenshot

The reporting tool will automatically send communications through the Driver Pulse app to referring drivers with key milestones that you identify. For example, you could send “Joe Driver is nearing his 30th day – if he stays on, $250 is yours!” followed a week later by “Congratulations, Joe has successfully completed 30 days of employment. Your $250 is on its way!” Pulse also keeps a referral history for your drivers’ records, helping the driver to stay as organized as you.

A quick reminder about Refer-A-Friend.

Our Refer-A-Friend service uses the driver communications portal and provides customizable company messages for both the referring and referred driver. Should a referred driver apply – which happens 60% of the time! – their subject record will have a source of Referral Program, which will reflect the name of the referring driver beneath it in blue. We include a Refer-A-Friend Report to help you track your referred applicants and their statuses.

Refer A Friend Screenshot 2

Additionally, this is also a built-in component of Driver Pulse, which allows a driver to simply refer a friend by the tap of a button. Free apps, and no customization required!

Refer A Friend Mobile Icons

Bonus – Free Drip Campaign!

And since we want carriers to be able to tell their drivers about the program, we include a free monthly Drip marketing campaign that targets your existing drivers and gives you a free platform to market your program (e.g., “We paid $5,000 last month in referrals. Did you get your share?”).

In summary, the new and improved Refer-A-Friend service with its Reporting Tool companion provides you with a program that:

• is simple for the referring driver to use

• handles attribution cleanly from referred to referring driver

• allows you to communicate and close the loop with other key departments in your company

• sends push notifications to the referring driver at key points in the process

• provides a free monthly platform (using Drip) to inform drivers about your referral program

Read a simple example to learn more about our driver referral program  – then throw away your spreadsheets, contact your advisor, and get started today!

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