Getting to Know the IntelliApp, Part 2: A Deeper Dive

In last week’s blog, we highlighted all of the features of the IntelliApp that make it truly exceptional. But believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it joins forces with other Tenstreet services, it stands even stronger.

This week, we’ll dive in a little deeper to learn more about how the IntelliApp aligns with other Tenstreet services and features to help make your recruiting solution more efficient, allowing you to focus on what makes your business grow.

Xpress – Tagging, Routing, and Scoring

When IntelliApp is used in combination with Xpress–Tenstreet’s Applicant Tracking System that does so much more than simply track your applicants–every driver’s application data flows into the system automatically to create a new subject record (or adds to an existing record if that driver has applied before). Using simple workflow rules, Xpress can take key information (such as the answers a driver has provided on your IntelliApp’s custom questions) to create tags. Tags are reportable and searchable attributes about a driver that can be used to help you determine how he or she fits into your organization. Popular tags include terminal or orientation location, special endorsements, and Greyhound information. Tags can be used to automatically route your applicants to pre-defined worklists so you can ensure the right leads go to the right recruiter. Additionally, tag categories can be set up so different teams only see what’s relevant to them – such as an Exit Interview Date for Human Resources. 

For example, for a custom question of ‘What terminal are you applying to’, a driver might select ‘Oklahoma’. When he submits his application, it can be routed to a recruiter who works that specific state. Further, if you have a team of recruiters who are responsible for hiring for a certain terminal, Xpress can apply round-robin routing so that each recruiter gets an equal number of opportunities to recruit.

Routing can also be accomplished by state, referral source, worklist, experience level, and more.

Another powerful feature of Xpress allows you to create scoring rules to identify which applications are coming from the most promising driver candidates. Setting point values to certain qualifications helps you see which subjects you should reach out to first. Applicants can be scored on experience, number of accidents or incidents, an answer to a custom question, location, license, endorsement type(s), and more.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are put together from your marketing content and assets and project the best version of your marketing message to win over candidates. One version of the IntelliApp – known as the Micro IntelliApp – can be placed on a Tenstreet-hosted Landing Page. This leverages the power of application auto-population and gives your candidates the ability to upgrade to a full IntelliApp once they complete the lead form. Together, these two powerful features can increase traditional landing page conversions – or those that can’t offer pre-population or upgrade potential – by an average of 20%.

IntelliApp Now, Continuation IntelliApp, and IntelliApp Statistics

Three IntelliApp-focused services that really push our auto-populating friend further into the winner’s circle are IntelliApp Now, Continuation IntelliApp and IntelliApp Stats.

  1. IntelliApp Now connects your recruiters and your candidates in real time. Recruiters are notified while the best candidates are filling out their applications, allowing the greatest opportunity for connection before the driver has a chance to move on. Fly-in notifications alert recruiters when a candidate that meets their experience, minimum violations, and/or minimum accidents criteria is currently in the application process, so you can reach out to drivers before they even finish completing their application.
  2. IntelliApp Stats provides great visibility on where applications are coming from through the use of pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs – letting you easily identify trends and make reliable predictions that enable you to better market to future applicants. This service helps you discover where in the application drivers are most likely to drop out, giving you insight into how you can improve your process. By following device, operating system, and browser trends, you get a better understanding of your applicant base, which also gives you an opportunity to improve your advertising/marketing efforts.
  3. And with Continuation IntelliApp, your recruiters can be notified of drivers who simply complete the first page of an application and walk away. This gives your recruiters an opportunity to reach out to those drivers and re-engage them so they can pick up where they left off. Want help? Let our Drip email marketing service step up and engage these drivers automatically with a series of customized emails or texts. Drip can do the engaging for you, while keeping your brand front and center.

So while it’s true that the IntelliApp can solidly stand on its own and remains unparalleled in the driver application market, it becomes even more impressive when paired with other Tenstreet services and features.

Interested in drastically improving the efficiency of your recruiting process and seeing how any of these services can strengthen your team? Let us show you!

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