Meet the IntelliApps

The Tenstreet IntelliApps have come in many shapes and sizes over the last ten years. We’ve learned the more customizable we make one of our services, the more difficult it can be to understand that service. So we decided to explain our IntelliApp family here in this blog post.

The IntelliApp DNA

To start, the following are the three golden rules that will always be true of all our IntelliApps. Keep these in mind as we move forward.

1. All IntelliApps are equal. None of this “but some IntelliApps are more equal than others” stuff – nope, when an IntelliApp is received, the Tenstreet platform will comply with any processes rules you have in place without discrimination. From a two-question Micro to a multi-page Full, any workflow rules around recruiters, processors, worklists, notifications, statuses, etc. will just work, exactly as you need them to.

2. All IntelliApps are pre-populating. If we have application data on a driver, and if a driver enters in the right combination of PII (personally identifiable information) – usually being last name, ssn, and dob – the IntelliApp will pre-populate with the driver’s information. With over 3 million drivers using our platform, you can see up to a big increase in completed driver applications! Pre-population allows seasoned drivers to fill out a lengthy application – without having to remember any details – in just a matter of minutes.

3. All IntelliApps are mobile-friendly. That’s right, all of them. No further explanation necessary.

The IntelliApps – A Family Portrait

➢ Full IntelliApp

This is the industry-standard, comprehensive application that first gets you out of the gate when you sign on with Tenstreet. This highly-configurable application allows carriers to capture any information they need, while at the same time obtaining comprehensive employment history and signed releases for both background checks and verifications.

➢ Micro IntelliApp

Micro has been called many things – short app, lead app, mini app, and abbreviated app being among them. Today, you’ll most likely see a Micro on a company’s Tenstreet hosted landing page – like the one pictured in the screenshot here. With a Micro, candidates can be promoted to a Full IntelliApp when there is significant application data on file. With up to 95% of their data available to pre-populate, drivers take us up on this 20% of the time.

➢ Alias IntelliApp

Simply put, an Alias is any additional IntelliApp –  regardless of its configuration – and is perfect for clients who have more than one application. For example, you wouldn’t ask the same questions of a company driver that you would for an owner operator, or a student driver. Different question sets call for different applications, and that’s where an Alias can help. The good news? You can have as many as you want.

An IntelliApp Just for You

So whatever your IntelliApp need, we’ve got you covered. We continue to help our clients get more drivers hired, faster — learn more about how the IntelliApp can help you see a big increase in completed driver applications, no matter how many or in what combination you need.

If you’d like a demo of our IntelliApp, please contact sales@tenstreet.com. For our current clients, your advisor would be happy to assist.

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