Maintaining Your Driver Job Posts

You might think that writing a great job ad and knowing where to post it online are all you need to attract great drivers, but those steps are just the beginning. To see continued results from your job posts, you need to maintain them to ensure they’re kept up to date and performing effectively. Just like how getting your car serviced regularly keeps you cruising in style, repeated maintenance of your job offerings ensures your recruiting process runs like a well-oiled machine. 

Tenstreet knows the value of keeping your job posts well-maintained, which is why we’ve got a few tools designed to maximize the results of your job posts over time. Here are some of our handy features you’ll want to slip into your company’s toolbelt.

Active Jobs

Keeping up with all your job postings across multiple websites and job boards is a lot of work. It’s even harder when you have to make an update to a post you’ve already put online, whether it’s to reflect a change in benefits or just to correct a typo.

Tenstreet’s Active Jobs feature is designed to remove the headaches and confusion from tinkering with your job posts. Once you’ve entered an Active Job into Tenstreet once, it’s stored in our system, and any changes you make to that post are reflected in real-time across our Driver Pulse app, on your IntelliApp, in the Job Store, and in Xpress. Being able to update your posts in one place eliminates the problem of having conflicting versions of text or outdated posts lurking on some forgotten job site.


Maybe you’ve been getting a lot of responses to your job posts but you’re not seeing many of your applicants convert into hires. Or maybe you’re hiring the drivers you need but have no idea which job boards or recruiters are bringing in the talent.

Origins is designed to alleviate this confusion by giving your company insights into how your advertisements perform. By tracking the sources of your hires and how far each applicant moves in the process, you’ll be better able to determine which lead sources are most effective, which allows you to adjust your spending based on what’s working and to assess holdups in the process.

Job Board Scrubber

Once you’ve got that flood of leads coming in from your quality job posts, you’re often faced with a new problem: keeping up with applicants quickly enough to keep them engaged in your job posts. Even the most efficient recruiter can only make one phone call at a time and often gets tied up in other tasks that keep them from connecting with new applicants.

Contacting a qualified candidate quickly after they’ve applied to your post is crucial to ensuring that driver has a good application experience and will want to be employed by you. Job Board Scrubber makes sure that great leads don’t go to waste by automating many of your email touches with applicants. This keeps your company on potential drivers’ radars and shows them you care about moving things along at a pace that respects their time. Job Board Scrubber also tackles the imperfectly aligned ebb and flow of hiring needs and eager applicants by allowing you to reach back out to prior applicants who might not have found a position with your company if you have new positions open.

Keeping your posts (and your recruiting process) properly serviced is the final step to making your job posts are as effective as possible – all it takes is the proper tools for the job.

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