4 Losses to Avoid in Your Recruiting Department

Let’s face it: when drivers are looking for jobs, they often submit applications through a number of sources, and you then must deal with the reality that five leads from one driver does not in fact mean you have five potential hires in your pipeline. Recruiting efforts become further complicated as a result of mistakes on applications or through multiple job board apps coming into a system that is unable to detect duplicates. Therefore, if you want to maximize your recruiting efforts, hit goals, and stay within a budget, you must find a way to manage multiple leads from the same driver.

Lost Time & Opportunity

Recruiters spend time reviewing each application to try to determine whether the applicant meets the  company’s specific hiring criteria. That time is wasted if they are in contact with an applicant who is already being engaged by another recruiter. Time is of the essence; recruiters are in a race to find the most qualified drivers before other carriers contact them. Multiple leads from one driver complicate and slow the process, resulting in lost opportunities.

How does your office deal with multiple applications from one driver?

Lost Money

On top of the loss of time and opportunity, when two or more people are working the same application, duplicate expenses associated with background checks and other services can be incurred. In some cases, the background services company can detect duplicates, but often mistakes are made filling out the PI, and the duplicates slip through. Background checks can cost an average of $2 per MVR, with an additional fee for the state that could be anywhere from $2 to $15 depending on the state. Those fees can really add up over time.

Frustration & Lost Morale

Drivers apply to many carriers and fill out job board applications that are sent en mass to even more carriers. It is difficult for drivers to keep track of every application, carrier, and recruiter. Whom do you pay if two or more of your recruiters wind up prepared to hire the same applicant? How do you keep recruiters motivated after wasting time on duplicate applications? No recruiter wants to call a driver immediately after another recruiter from that same office has just declined that driver’s application.

Detecting and removing multiple applications from the same driver can help carriers save time, reduce costs, take advantage of more recruiting opportunities, and boost morale. How does your office handle multiple applications from one driver? Please let us know in the comments section below.

At Tenstreet, we have several solutions to manage multiple applications from one driver. Each solution is integrated seamlessly into our software platform and maximizes your time and money. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your recruiting efforts.

Want to learn more about how you can avoid these losses? Schedule time to talk with us about your business!

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