How to See a 475% Rate of Increase in Completed Driver Apps

The Problem

Only 13% of all driver application sessions result in a completed app. Applications are abandoned for many reasons. The driver may have started the app on his or her smartphone but did not want to type on a tiny keyboard. The driver may have paused the app to gather history, dates, or other missing information. In some cases, they may not have had time to complete the application process.

How long does it take drivers to complete a full DOT application? It varies from carrier to carrier, but on average, it takes about 30 minutes. However, when drivers need to pause an application to gather information, the process can take as two hours or more.

Missing information, small mobile keyboards, and time constraints are the main contributors to the dismal 13% completion rate.  As a recruiter or recruiting manager, it’s in your best interests to make the application process as fast and easy as possible without compromising the quality of the information.

What’s the Solution?

If only there were a way to “auto-magically” fill out the application for the driver…

Good news! Through the magic of auto-populating technology and with help from our 3,300+ enterprise clients, 5,100+ network providers, and millions of IntelliApps, we’ve been able to help over 4 million active drivers quickly complete applications. Faster applications mean more completed apps. Over 75% of our driver application sessions result in completed driver apps.

Over 75% of our driver applications sessions result in completed apps.

How Do We Do It?

We enable drivers to access their existing information from other applications (with the full permission of all parties involved, of course). Drivers don’t have to remember their usernames or passwords—they just need to know a few key pieces of information (e.g., name, SS#, phone, email, address) to help us recognize the driver. Then, we “Frankenstein” an app together from previous apps to get the best of all worlds, including the personal info section from an unfinished app started yesterday, the employment section from a full app completed last year, etc. If a driver can’t remember all of his or her history, addresses, etc., the auto-populate function will pull appropriate bits and pieces from other applications to deliver the most accurate information.  If the applicant is a seasoned driver who has completed lots of applications, they can fill out a lengthy application without having to remember any details. Of course, student drivers and drivers who have never filled out an application before won’t save as much time—but then, they have less information to remember. Needless to say, drivers love IntelliApps and the auto-populate feature. We routinely hear clients say that they have received calls from drivers saying that they wouldn’t apply to that carrier until they started using IntelliApps.

Lead forms are even harder to convert to full applications. There is such a small amount of information, and you know so little about the driver. At Tenstreet, we can use the auto-populate function to start a candidate on a short “micro-app,” authenticate them, and quickly move them to a fully completed driver app.

How Do You Get Started?

IntelliApps with auto-populate helps drivers complete more applications in less time than ever before.

Auto-populate is integrated seamlessly into Tenstreet’s IntelliApp platform. Take the 1st step today and we’ll schedule time to learn more about how we can help you increase your completed applications.

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