Spring Clean Your Business: Go Paperless!

The new year’s busy first quarter has passed, and spring has sprung once again. After a long day’s work, you notice a ray of sun stretched across your desk, revealing a light layer of dust. You run your eyes over the stacks of paper that have accumulated around you and suddenly become inspired to do some serious spring cleaning.

During your office decluttering, you realize it’s time for a few organizational improvements as well. Running a business guided by a paper stream just isn’t sustainable. The delays are getting longer and more frequent as you and your team continuously search, share, lose, find, and pass pieces of paper around the office. 

Considering the highly-regulated industry you’re in, and the number of documents you have a legal responsibility to obtain, sign, countersign, track, manage, keep current, and safely store, the need for an organized and reliable system is imminent. It doesn’t make sense to do it alone, and in fact, it’s quite risky to even try.

So where do you begin?

Let’s start by outlining the basics of what you’ll need:

  1. Since you have to comply with the DOT’s ever-changing regulations, you’ll need software built specifically for the transportation industry.
  2. Since you hire CDL drivers, you’ll need a way to recruit, train, onboard, engage and retain them. You’ll also need a way to process them – run verifications and background checks, send adverse action letters, and manage, update, and store all their DQF files.
  3. Since you’ll want everybody in your company to systematically work together, you’ll need software that supports all components of the business.

It just so happens…

We know a guy. Tenstreet is a technology-forward company dedicated to solving the toughest problems in transportation before they ever arise.

When you need to verify the employment of a driver, we’ve got you. Say good-bye to your fax machine for good. You can send your verifications, store your responses, and track and manage all verifications digitally, saving you a ton of time and overhead.

When you need to find new drivers, never fear. You can post your jobs on a dozen popular job boards in just a couple clicks, all from one place. Think Orbitz, but for trucking job boards. Plus, we have our own driver-matching service that finds drivers with the exact qualifications you need.

When the next state passes ban the box legislation, you’re covered. Your application is automatically updated to reflect these changes before you even read about them.

When you need to run a background check or PSP, you’ll simply click a button. Tenstreet likely has an integration with your background screening company, and has a PSP service to boot.

When you need to onboard a driver, it’s never been easier. Click another button to send electronic DQFs, I-9s, W-4s, and all your company’s forms directly to a free mobile app on his phone. Forms autofill with application information, making it a fast and easy (and preferred) exercise for the driver as well.

When you need to capture COVs, order annual MVRs, or track near-expiring documents, your software is equipped with tools and reporting designed specifically with your safety department in mind. An accident registry, incident tracking, and points management tools also help safety function efficiently.

You get the idea.

Plus, besides your must-haves, you get a lot of nice-to-haves as well, like convenient features and tools to smooth out the wrinkles and freshen your workflow. And as your company changes, you can add and remove services that make the most sense for your individual success.

Simply put, Tenstreet is a full-service, completely integrated software that cleans up your traditional paper-based processes, making anything transportation-related easy. It houses service solutions that solve problems in four distinct areas – marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and safety. Designed specifically for the transportation industry, Tenstreet’s ATS allows everybody in your business to work in one centralized system, offering workflow automation and easy communication between users that keeps everybody in your organization on the same page.

Curious about the gamut of services Tenstreet offers? Check out this fun A to Z we created to give our readers a quick overview of all things Tenstreet.

And if we don’t explicitly offer a solution to every problem you’re trying to solve, just ask us – all of our clients have unique needs, and we can create almost any type of customization you’d want.

Let us help you with your spring cleaning. Sign up for a demo today, and see how Tenstreet can help your company become squeaky-clean.

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