Writing a Compelling Driver Job Post

In a time when job-seeking drivers have so many options, how can you help your company’s job postings stand out? Every carrier offers great benefits and sign-on bonuses, so it’s important to distinguish yourself in other ways to attract the attention of qualified new drivers.

We’re here to answer that question. At Tenstreet, we believe it should easy for great drivers and quality carriers to find each other, which is why we want to show you some of the ways you can give yourself an edge in a crowded field.

Let’s start from the beginning of the process: your job board postings. Having a compelling job post can give you the edge you need to stand out from the competition, so we’ve got some tips on how to craft better listings.

1. Use a clear job title.

When drivers are scrolling through a crowded job board, often a position’s title is the only thing they’ll glance at before they keep searching the listings. Conveying as much information as possible in the position’s name will help catch the eye of drivers who match your qualifications and are looking for a position like yours. A descriptive title like “Company Flatbed Driver – Dallas, TX Area” is better than a vague one like “CDL Driver.”

2. Keep it short.

It’s almost too easy to overload a job post – if you’ve dumped in your company’s complete history and philosophy along with every trait your wish your ideal driver had, you’ll end up with a listing too long for even the most attentive potential applicant to slog through. Focus on a few key points about your company to pique jobseekers’ interest, like being an equal opportunity employer or helping with truck leasing for owner/operators.

3. Make your posting skimmable.

A job posting has to convey the necessary information quickly so that applicants can find what they’re most interested in, whether that’s if they have the correct license type or what benefits you’re offering. Don’t bury relevant information in lengthy paragraphs applicants will have to decode – instead, opt for bullet pointed lists under clear headers like “Job Duties, “Requirements,” and “Benefits.”

4. Don’t shout.

We get it – you’re as excited about your guaranteed home time and insurance benefits as your future employees will be. But using all caps and lots of exclamation points makes your post harder to read and makes you seem desperate for employees, which isn’t a good energy to attract quality applicants.

5. Don’t describe more than one position per listing.

If you’re hiring for different kinds of positions within your company, don’t try to group multiple types of jobs with different requirements into the same posting – it makes it harder for potential drivers to tell if they’ll be a good fit. Listing different terminal locations with the same requirements can be okay, but avoid looking for your over-the-road and company drivers within the same posting.

6. Be honest.

There’s no sense in obscuring key details about a position that you know will come up later. If a position requires freight unloading or a hazmat license, say so in your post – that way you don’t waste applicants’ time (and yours!) vetting unqualified candidates.

7. Edit carefully.

A job posting is part of how your company markets itself to the world. While typos and grammatical mistakes aren’t the end of the world, they can make your company look sloppy and are easy to prevent. Always spellcheck your work and have someone else review your post before plastering it all over the internet with your company’s name misspelled.

8. Make applying easy.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect post, the last thing to do is make sure it’s easy for drivers to apply to your job. An online application like Tenstreet’s IntelliApp makes it seamless for drivers to apply to interesting posts, but any company that has an online application should make sure to include a link to their application or have a button that takes applicants directly to the form.

When you have so little time to attract the interest of potential applicants, every detail counts. Making your job postings more targeted and compelling to applicants means you’ll receive better candidates and hopefully keep them working for you longer. The best thing a good job post can do is render itself extinct.

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