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Leads, as you and everyone in the movie Glengarry Glen Ross know, are the most important part of recruitment, and everyone needs them.

Landing Page Results

Drivers, however, are often understandably reluctant to fill out a full application while they’re still learning about your company, even when the application could largely be filled in for them. Many carriers therefore, use landing pages and lead forms to help them generate leads. A landing page acts as a good intermediary step from a PPC ad, or banner ads on driver job sites, to a full application. They allow you to provide potential hires with a targeted description of what your company has to offer and a tangible way for that driver to indicate interest. But while landing pages are a great tool for generating leads for recruiters to pursue, they can leave a lot to be desired. Once you get a lead, what exactly is a recruiter supposed to do with a lead form? It’s not a full application and doesn’t provide your recruiters with a lot of information about those interested candidates. It also can’t provide the right disclosures or authorizations your business needs to run background checks. This leaves your recruiters with pretty much one option in order to move forward: track the candidate down and convince them to fill out a full application.

Wasted Time & Advertising Dollars

While recruiters at most carriers work hard to try to track down and contact all leads that come in, inevitably some candidates fall through the cracks, and every driver that does represents a waste of advertising dollars and recruitment time. However, even those leads that your recruiters are able to follow up on often only end up re-engaging after hours, days, or even weeks have passed from when they initially submitted their form, and then they have to take time filling out a full application to actually be able to begin the recruitment process. Between the time that can elapse before re-engaging and the prospect of having to fill out tedious forms that they’ve probably had to fill out a hundred times before, drivers can easily lose interest in moving forward with the application process and stall out. Again, those stalled-out drivers cost you wasted time and advertising dollars. To help minimize these downsides to leads generated from landing sites, Tenstreet has put together an approach to solve these two big issues.

lead form autofill Boost Your Results

The first part of the solution is hosting landing pages on the integrated Tenstreet platform. These landing pages are put together from your marketing content and assets and put forward the best version of your marketing message to win over candidates. The landing pages can be integrated with a version of IntelliApp called Micro-IntelliApp. Micro-IntelliApp allows your landing page to recognize candidates who are already in the IntelliApp system, approximately half of all leads, and offer them the chance to instantly “upgrade” to a full application. This opportunity to upgrade their lead submission form automatically allows these candidates to apply without any effort on their end. Micro-IntelliApp automatically populates an application with a driver’s previously entered information, which is stored in the IntelliApp system. By making use of our IntelliApp and Micro-IntelliApp system, Tenstreet-hosted landing pages and lead forms are engineered to allow carriers to not only capture leads but to fast-track the recruitment process by generating applications directly from those landing pages.

We leverage the strength of 3 million drivers and convert thousands of leads to full apps every month

Lead Nurturing & Real-Time Recruiting

The second part of the solution is to help carriers maximize the conversion of the rest of their leads into full applications. The best way to do that is to enable recruiters to reach out to candidates and follow up on hot leads as quickly as possible, that is, before candidates have a chance to lose interest. Tenstreet does this by notifying recruiters via the IntelliApp system (via the web or recruiters’ smartphones) the instant a new lead or application comes in. When recruiters receive a notification in real time, they can follow up immediately while they know that the candidate is still interested and probably free to talk. In addition to sending instant notifications to recruiters when a new lead comes in, IntelliApp can also significantly reduce the work involved with nurturing those leads. It does this by supplementing or replacing the need for recruiters to reach out in person with a series of automated emails that can begin within seconds of a lead form being submitted. While not every lead can be automatically converted to a full application, the power of the Tenstreet landing page lead-form approach allows the bulk of work that recruiters currently have to dedicate to nurturing and converting cold leads to be replaced with a system designed to save valuable man-hours through automation, as well as speeding up the process and improving lead conversion rates overall. With every conversion that the Micro-App takes to a full application, you’re that much closer to hiring a driver.

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