5 Steps to Make the Most of Driver Job Boards

The concept of having one platform that brings employers and job seekers together has been around for almost 25 years. Today, the driver job board continues to serve as a useful way for employers to find employees and for job seekers to find employment. Nearly one-fifth of all hiring takes place through driver job boards, second only to referrals.

Driver job boards remain an important means of finding new hires, and for many carriers, they may be the only way they find drivers. While job board subscriptions can give you a lot of leads, many of those leads come from drivers who aren’t qualified for the jobs you need to fill. If you’re thinking about subscribing to a job board but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve collected some solid tips from seasoned recruiting managers to help you reach the drivers you need.

"tips from seasoned recruiting managers to help you reach the drivers you need"

1. Do your research:

Dedicate some time to this process. This step is more important than anything you do after you subscribe. You want to make sure the job board you choose is reputable and that it reaches drivers qualified for the positions for which you’re hiring, such as company drivers, owner-operators, regional drivers, over-the-road drivers, or local drivers. Make sure to see how the board looks from a driver’s perspective.  Also, many boards offer discounts or specials for new clients – so you can try a board before you devote a lot of time and money seeing how well it works for you.

2. Build a profile:

Once you find a driver job board that meets your needs, you want to build a profile that includes information about your company. Be sure to include your requirements, but don’t overlook the importance of attracting drivers to your company. Because of the current driver shortage, drivers are inundated with job offers promising bonuses and attractive incentives. Describe what stands out about your company and how you keep drivers happy.

3. Add a filter:

Many companies don’t realize they can create filters for each job board. While each job board is different, you can set filters to limit which types of drivers can apply to your company to ensure you only get the leads you want. For example, if you aren’t hiring in a certain state or you only want over-the-road drivers, adding a filter will save time later when it is time to contact your leads.

4. Positioning:

Think about how you want to position your company on the job board. Do you want a banner ad on the front page, or do you want your own landing page on which you can go into more detail about your company? Depending on your needs and the job board, you can do either or both.

5. Diversify:

Do you need drivers for multiple companies? If so, we strongly suggest that you diversify. If you buy a subscription on the same job board for each company, you will often get the exact same lead sent to each company, which also means you’ll pay for that lead more than once.

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