Facebook Helps Boosts Your Signal Through Job Store

Job Store is the gift that keeps on giving. Our online marketplace is the easiest way to get your job postings in front of drivers by displaying them on over 20 job boards, social media sites, and other job and recruiting sites. It now connects you to a total of 23 merchants, making managing your job postings and tracking attribution easier than any other option because you can do it all from one place. We’re always working to introduce new opportunities for you to reach drivers and boost your company’s signal. 

We added five new merchants in 2018 – Craigslist, LinkUp, Job Case, Truckers Report, and CDL Life – and are pleased to announce Facebook as our newest arrival to the marketplace.

Why do more merchants matter?

More merchants means more places to find drivers, which also means reaching a wider and more diverse audience. While some drivers might trawl driver-specific trucking boards fervently searching for their next opportunity, others might respond better to an ad that appears in their Facebook feed when they’re only beginning to consider switching carriers. Diversifying your advertising opportunities means you’re meeting more drivers where they live.

How will Job Store help me?

In addition to the convenience of aggregating all your advertising into one place, Job Store increases the value of that advertising by showing you which boards are actually netting you applicants and which aren’t through our tracking and statistics. We want the power of that information in your hands, which is why every client has access to Free Origins, which shows you conversion rates for lead apps, full apps, and hires from the Job Store and even from your other hire sources as well. Paid Origins offers even more visibility into marketing statistics and efficacy at every stage of the hiring process. Job Store is a platform that connects companies, fleets, and job boards to save you as much time and money as possible.

What can I expect from Facebook?

The Tenstreet Job Store offers a comprehensive option for all of your Facebook job posting that saves you from dealing with the complexities of the site’s advertising system yourself. You’ll have the ability to post targeted ads on Facebook that will direct interested candidates to a lead form. Filling out that form sends their information into your dashboard, where you can follow up with those candidates that seem like a promising fit for your company.

This option uses a tiered subscription model that lets you pay for your desired level of traffic, offering three tiers that will allow you to obtain the most leads possible while still living within your budgetary limits. This savvy and proven marketing system offers the chance to reach more drivers where they hang out – on social media –  while choosing how much your company wants to spend.

How can I start using Job Store?

Everybody has Job Store already in their dashboard. It’s a free service offered through Tenstreet – you only pay our merchants when you post. Those fees vary depending on the volume of exposure that a client can expect for their job posting, but in some cases they’re free! Glassdoor, Indeed, JobCase, and Google are all free, and are a great place to do some test-posting if you’re curious about getting started with Job Store. We encourage you to check out all of our options (especially our new ones!) and unlock a greater ROI as soon as you start using the service.

Which merchants are in Job Store today?

Check out this blog – we update it every time a new merchant is added!

Need a walkthrough on the basics of Job Store? Contact us at sales@tenstreet.com or speak to your advisor to learn – and earn – more!

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