Case Study: Tenstreet Delivers Recruiting Solution for Baker’s Express

After relying on just one job board with lackluster results, the Indianapolis-based trucking company harnessed the power of Tenstreet’s Job Store, tapping into a bigger pool of high-quality driver candidates.

In a past effort to recruit truck drivers, Baker’s Express was spending a ton of money on one job board that brought in just a trickle of applicants. The Indianapolis-based carrier needed more drivers to fill its truck cabs and grow the business, but the job board it was using didn’t deliver the quantity or quality of applicants the company was looking for.

That’s what Samantha Bilderback saw in September 2022 when she joined Baker’s Express to run the recruiting department. Based on her prior experience at another trucking company, Bilderback targeted Tenstreet to tackle Baker’s driver recruiting challenges.

Lacking Applications

Baker’s operates about 100 trucks locally in the Indianapolis area with its Baker’s Express brand. The company also runs about 30 long-haul trucks with its over-the-road business, DNK Express.

The carrier had been using one job board as its sole source for online job postings, with paltry results. This platform brought in only about five applications per week, many of which were found lacking. “The results were not very good,” Bilderback says. “We would get a lot of partial applications, and a lower quality of applicants.”

Recalling her previous experience with Tenstreet, Bilderback pitched Job Store to her new employer as a more tailored solution to Baker’s needs. “With our previous job board, we got all kinds of applicants — it wasn’t based on drivers,” Bilderback says. “Tenstreet is more affiliated with the truck driving industry. I knew they would be able to help.”

One-Stop Shop

Tenstreet’s Job Store aggregates more than 15 popular job boards, enabling trucking companies to send unified job listings to multiple boards and update all of them simultaneously, from one place.

The Job Store advertising marketplace includes Indeed and other broadly popular sites like Facebook, Google, and Craigslist, plus more targeted sites for commercial drivers like justCDLjobs.com, TruckDrivingJobs.com, and JobsInTrucks.com.

“With Job Store, there’s so much out there you can explore to post your ad,” Bilderback says.

Tenstreet’s one-stop shop approach can place a fleet’s job postings in front of more than 270,000 drivers per month through the Driver Pulse mobile app. Job Store users can also utilize Pulse Match to pinpoint job ads to criteria that the trucking company specifies, yielding higher-quality applicants.

Job Store also offers free attribution reports that analyze the trucking company’s ad placement spending and the job boards’ performance, empowering recruiters to make data-driven decisions.

Another Tenstreet feature that Baker’s Express has tapped into is Job Store Concierge. This free service provided Baker’s Express with a dedicated member of the Concierge team who helped them manage their recruiting dollars, write ad postings, stage landing pages, and identified what worked best for their needs.

“Job Store is the best way to build your business. It takes all the stress off of you, because everything you need is right there, and drivers come to you.”

“I reach out to my favorite guy at Tenstreet to find the best deals on Job Store,” Bilderback says of the Concierge service. “He helps us get the best bang for our buck.” Compared to when Baker’s Express was relying on a single job board, the company’s results with Tenstreet have been a clear improvement.

Better Quality and Quantity

Six months after tapping Tenstreet, Baker’s Express has transformed its recruiting efforts.

With Job Store, the company is attracting not only a much greater flow of applications, but a much higher quality as well. Bilderback says that the applicants are more serious — “actual drivers looking for jobs” — and are more likely to fill out the whole application. Even when she gets a partial application, Tenstreet makes it easy to follow up with the job seeker.

“I send them an email with a Tenstreet link, and 60% come back with full applications,” Bilderback says. “With [a popular job board], I wasn’t getting responses for anything.”

Communication with Tenstreet’s support team has also been a bright spot for Baker’s Express.

“Whenever we need help, there’s always somebody available at Tenstreet, which I love,” Bilderback says. “The customer service is amazing.”

The more targeted and cost-effective approach of Job Store has benefited the trucking company’s bottom line. “We’re saving significant amounts of money,” Bilderback says. “I would say thousands of dollars throughout the year.”

Perhaps the most compelling evidence for the company’s success with Tenstreet is in the comparison of application quantity, before and after. “When we were just using one job board, we got maybe five applications a week,” Bilderback says. “Now I get that in a few hours.”

With the steady stream of higher-quality applicants coming in, Tenstreet has helped Baker’s Express hire more than twice as many truck drivers as it had been before, fueling the company’s growth.

To learn more about on Tenstreet’s Job Store and Concierge tools for recruiting truck drivers, request a demo.

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