HireRight and Tenstreet Team Up to Make Drug Screening Easy

The partnership between HireRight and Tenstreet has always been solid, serving shared clients with a myriad selection of background report options that are delivered to their dashboards in just a couple clicks.

Today we’ve pushed the partnership further forward. In addition to background screening reports, now clients can order pre-employment drug tests, physical examinations, and alcohol screening from HireRight through Tenstreet’s dashboard. Add on our Pulse MD service and you’re on your way to operating using a completely electronic chain-of-custody (eCCF).

Let’s take a look at how it works.

More visibility

Not only will you have access to HireRight’s national collection database, the largest in the industry, but you’ll get real-time updates throughout the process when key milestones have been achieved, and test results will be delivered directly to your Xpress dashboard. You’ll be notified when: 

  • a driver has viewed the order
  • the order was placed to a drug-screening background company (integration also available with eScreen and WorkforceQA)
  • a driver has arrived at the clinic
  • the order was accepted
  • the drug test was completed

and more. Most importantly, you’ll see the results of the drug test when they’re returned.

The results are available within a secure area of the system and are automatically sent to HireRight as well, saving employees the trouble of re-entering test information or inadvertently typing something incorrectly. The integration provides up-to-date and consistent information in both the Tenstreet and HireRight systems and helps shorten the onboarding process for drivers.

Less paper

No more digging through a file cabinet – from scheduling the test to viewing the results, it’s all done in Tenstreet. In addition to receiving real-time status updates, the chain of custody will be stored as a PDF in your documents in Xpress.

Happier drivers

Our eCCF solution communicates directly with drivers via the Driver Pulse app on their phone. Got an applicant that’s on the road and doesn’t have time for a drug test? No problem! With Pulse MD you can schedule the driver to go to a screening location near them. They’ll receive notification of the drug test, collection site details, available parking options, and a digital barcode – all on their cell phone. All they need to do is scan the digital barcode on their cell phone at the screening facility, take their test, and wait for the results – which are then returned to them as well for shared transparency.

Larger network

Employers will have access to more than 10,000 electronically enabled collection sites and more than 5,000 electronically enabled clinics, as well as thousands of clinics for non-electronically served areas. HireRight’s board-certified Medical Review Officers help ensure test results are reviewed to determine permissible use of controlled substances and to provide alerts if any safety concerns or additional testing are needed.

Saved resources

This saves employers time and effort by streamlining the drug and alcohol screening process. Employers will simply access Pulse MD in the Tenstreet dashboard, order their preferred testing or exam services, and choose an appropriate date and clinic location.

It also offers substantial savings for carriers as drug and health screenings can be ordered prior to orientation, saving them from unnecessary travel and orientation expenses for drivers who aren’t able to pass a test.

Getting Started

Want to see how Pulse MD can benefit your company? Contact your account manager or the account management team at account.managers@tenstreet.com today! For more information about HireRight’s Drug and Health Integration with Tenstreet, call 800.400.2761 in the U.S. and Canada or +1 949.428.5800 worldwide or visit them online.

Credit to Ellen Hays of Tenstreet and Sharon Hair of HireRight for their contribution to this article.

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