Truck Driver Training Videos: An In-Depth Guide

Driving a semi truck is not like driving an ordinary vehicle. Large trucks require safe driving techniques to mitigate the risks of an accident. The likelihood of a severe injury or fatality is much higher when larger vehicles are involved.

Road safety is a collaboration between fleet managers and truck drivers themselves. If you’re searching for truck driver training videos to boost employee safety, it can be challenging to know where to turn.

Let’s delve into where to find good truck driving training videos and why it’s one of the best ways to improve safety.

Why Truck Driver Training Videos Matter

You can use trucking safety videos to sharpen your employees’ skills.

Even when every driver has all the appropriate certifications and licenses, regular refreshers are important to help tackle any challenge they’re likely to face on the open road.

Safety videos for truck drivers are some of the most effective tools you have at your disposal. Some of the benefits of using video for training and development include:

  • Saving Time/Money Truck training videos are pieces of evergreen content that can be used to quickly onboard new drivers and keep your current drivers sharp.
  • Better Engagement – Videos are highly compelling pieces of content. They far surpass articles and images in terms of engagement.
  • Simple to Create – Creating truck driver safety training videos has never been simpler. Even the most basic smartphone is capable of producing HD-quality results.
  • Flexibility – Videos provide flexible viewing opportunities and enable employees to watch them at home, on their breaks, or in the office. Unlike more formal training courses, videos are far more malleable.
  • Shareability – Share your videos on any platform you want, making it convenient for both you and your driver to watch.

Now you know some of the reasons why video is such an effective training tool for professional drivers, it’s time to create videos that keep your drivers engaged.

How to Increase Driver Engagement with Truck Driving Training Videos

Safety videos for truck drivers come in many forms, from orientation talks to depictions of real situations your drivers might face. What matters is whether they keep the viewer engaged.

The risk many trucking companies face is that training becomes a box-checking exercise. Here are four tips to increase driver engagement with truck training videos.

Keep it Short

Avoid long introductions and general chit-chat that extends the length of your video. The longer a video is, the more an employee’s attention span will drop away.

When writing your script, ensure that everything in the video is essential to learning. Short, snappy training videos for truck drivers that cover specific topics yield the best results.

Make Videos Interactive

Don’t just tell people that they should do this and avoid that. Make videos interactive by asking employees questions within the video and give them a chance to develop an idea before revealing the answer.

A pause of just a few seconds encourages the employee to pay attention and to test their skills privately.

Capture Real Employee Experiences

Personalization is an easy way to generate engagement with any piece of content. Capture experiences from employees who have worked for your company.

Reference a mistake a driver made or talk about how an employee averted disaster with a piece of skilled driving.

Add Animation/Graphics

Animations and graphics not only add an element of professionalism to your truck driver safety videos, but they also help more visual learners retain key pieces of information.

Highlighting some important tips with a sound effect or a cool graphic increases the likelihood that an employee will remember what they’re being taught.

Three Places to Access Truck Driver Training Videos

Truck driving safety videos can be found in both free and premium libraries. If you don’t want to create your own videos and would prefer to use something that’s already been tried and tested, here are some of the best resources for truck driver safety videos.

1. Tenstreet

Tenstreet’s interactive training library is filled with premium videos to train your drivers. Our sleek, user-friendly library of over 240 videos empowers you to cover all the bases ranging from driving in adverse weather conditions to providing personalized onboarding courses for your new drivers. Using training videos for driver onboarding can shorten orientation, get drivers on the road quickly, and make remote onboarding possible.

2. CDL Driving Videos

The Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) test is the first port of call for aspiring truck drivers. You’ll find an abundance of safety videos for truck drivers aimed at people who are just getting started.

Even for drivers who already hold a fully active license, these training videos are excellent refreshers for both basic and advanced skills. Find CDL training videos and download them to add to your library.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform. Various trucking companies and certification organizations have posted tips and tricks for safe driving practices on the platform.

Some recommendations for quality channels include Allie Knight and Trucker Josh VLOGS.

If you’re searching for variation in your list of recommended truck training videos, this is the place for you.

Why Tenstreet is the Premier Truck Driving Training Video Resource

Whether you’re a small or large trucking company, thousands of truckers already use Tenstreet as their primary resource for great training videos. Some of the reasons why Tenstreet has established itself as the ultimate training center include:

  • Highly organized library of content accessible on the go via the Driver Pulse mobile app.
  • Interactive interface built for different learning styles.
  • Engaging content designed to maintain attention throughout different modules.
  • Fully comprehensive library that covers all the bases.
  • Designed to fit the needs of the modern trucking company.
Helping You Meet The Latest Requirements

Drivers bear a burden to meet Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) requirements in their first year of working as a truck driver if they are first time Class A or B CDL applicants, Class B to A upgrades, or seeking school bus, passenger, or hazmat endorsements.

Tenstreet can offer the following courses to meet theory instruction requirements: 

  • ELDT Class A (30 classes)
  • ELDT Class B to Class A Upgrade (22 classes)
  • ELDT Class B (29 classes)
  • ELDT HM (13 classes)
  • ELDT Passenger (18 classes) 

For the best training videos for truck drivers, look no further than Tenstreet and revolutionize the way you train your truckers now.

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