Measuring On-The-Road Efficiency and the True Fuel® Difference

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses of running a trucking company. Keeping fuel costs under control and running your trucks as efficiently as possible can reduce your operating expenses, but many carriers watch diesel prices fluctuate and feel like they have little control over this important budget item. However, driver behavior has a huge […]

Vanquish Your Trucking Monsters This Halloween

Halloween is the season that draws our fears to the surface, and trucking offers plenty of terrors to keep any carrier employee up at night. Whether it’s the chill down your spine when you wonder what new compliance rule could leave your business vulnerable or the ghost of a driver who never showed up to […]

Tenstreet Acquires Vnomics and True Load Time to End Excessive Fuel Spend, Detention Delays

At our 2022 User Conference, CEO Tim Crawford announced the acquisition of two powerful disruptors in the transportation industry, Vnomics – a fuel optimization solution – and True Load Time (TLT) – a load-time management technology. Both companies were born of trucking industry visionaries who experienced the detrimental effects wasted fuel and load-time inefficiencies had […]