6 Ways Tenstreet Helps You Hire Drivers

At the start of the year, Work4Labs wrote a complimentary piece called “Hiring Drivers: 6 Tips to Kick Off 2018” that gave honorable mention to Tenstreet as a workflow solution to help you get the drivers you need.

We realize we’re not currently kicking off the year of 2018, but we are kicking off the summer of 2018. So let’s celebrate the upcoming summer solstice by revisiting each of Work4Lab’s tips:

1. Geo Targeting

This is all about targeting the right applicants for the right jobs. We have a simple solution here: Write up an Active Job – which allows you to target what types of drivers you’re looking for by experience, type, equipment, license, and endorsements. And even cooler, with our Driver Pulse App, drivers can fill out a simple profile to help you match the right jobs with the right drivers.

2. Audience Engagement

Along with Active Jobs, Drip Marketing helps you focus on and engage any group of drivers you’d like to attract – be it those who have completed a lead form on a job board, your eligible rehires, or drivers in Michigan, for example. Drip Marketing gives you the ability to send the right candidates the right messages at the right times and converts to a full IntelliApp 12% of the time.

3. Candidate Pre-Qualification

Pre-qualifying drivers is right up our alley – IntelliApp Now not only filters drivers by the experience level and accident/incident history that you specify, but when a qualified driver applies, it sends you a notification to both your dashboard and the Xpress recruiter app in your pocket (if you have it installed on your phone).

4. Application process designated per source

Tracking your mobile compatibility is simple with Tenstreet. You may have heard us refer to our IntelliApp before as being mobile-first, not just mobile-friendly. We design and develop around mobile compatibility, as around 69% of our applications now come through on mobile devices. The IntelliApp makes it even easier to complete applications on those smaller devices with its pre-population feature, taking completion times down from an hour or more to just a couple of minutes.

5. Involvement of current workforce in the recruitment process

Everybody wants to keep good drivers. Getting feedback about your process from drivers so that you can improve it is crucial for long-term improvement, which is why we developed our driver retention services. You can engage with drivers throughout the recruiting, onboarding, and post-hire period to ensure your drivers stay happy. Through the Driver Pulse app, you can send drivers surveys and allow them to complete forms to let you know of any issues they’re experiencing.

6. Consistently measuring your ROI on all sources

When it comes to the question of determining which lead sources are working best for you, Origins is the answer. This powerful service allows you to track your calls, web leads, and referrals so that you can get the most out of your advertising dollars and discover how to stop spending money where you shouldn’t.

At its roots, Tenstreet is an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System – but with the addition of the myriad recruiting, onboarding, marketing, and safety services we offer, we believe that it’s a whole lot more.

We can help. Give us a call 877-219-9283 or write to sales@tenstreet.com. We’d love to give you a tour.

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