New Video Functionalities Make Connecting with Drivers Easy

What would you say is the secret to success for a carrier that runs smoothly? Maybe it’s having a detail-oriented and diligent safety department. Maybe it’s a highly skilled and efficient recruiting team. Maybe it’s an onboarding process that gets drivers in trucks faster than ever.

All those possibilities can contribute to a carrier’s success, but the fact is that unless all those teams are communicating effectively and creating a consistent experience for drivers, the business will suffer. Drivers need to feel like they will receive the information they need, when they need it, from everyone they have to stay in contact with.

A clear and accessible flow of information keeps everyone on the same page about what matters. Feeling like they know how to stay in touch with their carrier goes a long way toward making a driver feel valued and stable when they’re off by themselves on the road.

Tenstreet has always been committed to helping companies manage drivers at every stage of their employment, which is why we feel it’s so important to offer tools that helps carriers communicate at every scale, whether that’s with one driver at a time or large segments of your workforce.

That’s why we’re introducing Pulse Video Chat and Broadcast, two new features that are available to all clients using Xpress.

Pulse Video Chat: Keeping Individuals Connected

Pulse Video Chat is our FREE new tool, available to everyone using Xpress, that allows you to video chat live with drivers, leave drivers video voicemails, and video chat on the fly with other coworkers in your Xpress dashboard. These functionalities help you to establish individual relationships with drivers, making them feel heard and giving you a personable way to communicate face-to-face while they’re on the road. Video chats with coworkers let you discuss applicants in a timely fashion so you don’t miss out on a hire.

Drivers can view these messages or take video calls right from the Driver Pulse app where they already manage their driving careers.

Broadcast: Keeping Many Drivers Informed

Broadcast is a premium functionality that allows you to send prerecorded text and video messages to large swaths of your hired drivers, making it easy for you to keep information flowing freely. Whether it’s a company-wide update about a new safety protocol or a targeted dispatch to drivers needing to update a specific license, Broadcast adds a human touch to your messages that make drivers feel less alone on the road. Broadcast is available to clients using Insights or our Silver or Gold Safety Management tiers.

Drivers can watch Broadcast messages from their Driver Pulse App.

Two Tools, Endless Applications

There are many ways you can use Pulse Video Chat and Broadcast to connect to different groups for different reasons. Read on to learn more about three popular ways this new tool can make staying connected with drivers easier – and make them want to stay longer as a result.

1. Connect Live with One Driver: Video Chat

Pulse Video Chat’s first feature will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever had a video call with a friend or family member. A single employee can reach a single driver by video calling them within the dashboard, which lets the driver answer through the Driver Pulse app. This form of intimate, face-to-face connection helps you have important conversations while drivers are out on the road.

Example from the field: A manager in charge of retention can respond to negative feedback from a recent FleetCheck survey by reaching out to an at-risk driver to connect about why he’s unsatisfied. Giving the driver your undivided attention  through a video call lets him know he’s a priority.

2. Connect On Demand with One Driver: Video Voicemail

Pulse Video Chat voicemails offer the option of a personal reach-out while freeing employees from the limitations of connecting with a driver who may be on the road and unavailable during regular business hours. This type of contact still allows you to show your face to a driver who may not be used to getting much direct contact in his day-to-day job.

Example from the field: Recruiters can leave new driver applicants a video voicemail letting them know they’ve received the driver’s application and are looking forward to having an interview with them.

3. Connect On Demand with Many Drivers: Video Broadcast

Video broadcasts offer the power of on-demand messaging to targeted groups of hired drivers, or to your entire fleet. This mode of communication is great for sending videos about new company changes or introducing clarity around an issue you’ve been getting a lot of questions about. It adds a more human touch to updates and can help you more delicately deliver difficult news as well.

Broadcast will have search functionality that allows clients to filter their hired driver base and send messages to particular driver sets, or to their entire fleet.

Broadcast also tracks which of your drivers have seen messages you’ve sent, so you can keep an eye on whether your messages are being viewed and who might need additional reach-outs to make sure they understand what you’re communicating.

Example from the field: Safety managers can send a video broadcast to all drivers who have too many points on their record and point them toward training materials to help them knock points off.

The Power of Communicating with Drivers

Connecting with drivers who work alone on the road will always be a challenge, which is why it’s so powerful to put the same dependable tools in your entire team’s hands. Everyone who uses Tenstreet’s Xpress dashboard can use Pulse Video Chat for free, which gives you an open line of communication to message any group of drivers about anything you can imagine. Broadcast has the power to enhance the retention and safety tasks you’re already completing in your Tenstreet dashboard to make rolling out and tracking information easier than ever.

Drivers who stay in touch with their carriers will be happier, feel more heard, and drive for you longer. Start seeing a more connected fleet by using these tools today!

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