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Request a Copy of Your Current Xchange Network Verification Information

Carriers may use Tenstreet’s Xchange Network to provide DOT-required verifications for employment/contract or safety information to carriers you’ve applied to (with your consent). At any time and at no charge, you may request a current copy of the information (if any) that carriers have provided through Tenstreet’s Xchange by completing the form linked below.

Tenstreet will also provide you with an activity report showing the list of carriers that have provided and received DOT required verifications for employment/contract or safety information on you through the Xchange Network. Please note that the law allows us to provide you only the current information stored and provided by carriers in Xchange. We cannot provide information that came from another organization or consumer reporting agency (e.g. HireRight or Driver iQ) and we cannot provide verification information that was provided directly by another party through email, phone, or fax. You would need to reach out to those companies directly for those reports.

If you need additional assistance or would prefer to request a copy by telephone, or regular mail, please contact:

Tenstreet Consumer Service
Toll-free phone: 877-219-9283, Option 1, then 1
Email: drivers@tenstreet.com

Attn: Consumers Service
120 W. 3rd Street
Tulsa, OK 74103

Dispute Information on a Verification Completed Through Tenstreet’s Xchange Network:

If you believe any of the information in the verification(s) completed through Tenstreet’s Xchange Network is inaccurate or incomplete, you may submit a dispute to Tenstreet’s Consumer Service department at any time and at no cost by emailing drivers@tenstreet.com. If you would prefer to dispute the information by telephone, or regular mail, you may contact Tenstreet’s Consumer Service department as listed above.

Before disputing information, we recommend you first obtain a copy of the information so that you have specific information in order to be able to better communicate your dispute with Tenstreet’s Consumer Service Department. 

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