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We think Tenstreet is pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the video below to hear what real Tensteet clients had to say about our products at the 2022 Tenstreet User Conference!

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From For-Hire Fleets...

“From recruiting drivers to building a paperless driver qualification file to safety – the savings in time and effort by integrating so fully with Tenstreet has been phenomenal. Our entire company likes Tenstreet; we use it thoroughly with every driver.”
Tim Norlin
VP of Driver Employment

To Small Fleets...

"I find Tenstreet to be a huge time saver. Keeping all leads and applicants in one place saves me time jumping from site to site. The Job Store also makes it easy to keep my jobs up to date and consistent across platforms. All of the available integrations make reviewing candidates simple and cut down on the length of the hiring process. Once drivers are onboard, the additional features of safety integration help us stay on top of things. Knowing when a driver got a citation and the weight of that citation on our CSA score is immensely valuable. We don't plan to go anywhere else!"
Nick Nelson
Hiring Manager
Terminal Transport

To Private Fleets...

“Having the IntelliApp is just a huge advantage for us. It includes a level of automation that is far superior than anything we’ve had before, and integrates with PSP, Workday, Clearinghouse, and background vendors to streamline the entire recruiting process all in one place. It also allows drivers to apply so quickly. We used to spend half our time walking guys through how to use our application process. Now, we don’t spend that time anymore, we don’t lose applicants, and we get so many more complete applications. We’ve seen at least a 30% increase in volume since we’ve started with Tenstreet!”
Mike Franco
Manager of Driver Recruiting
Tyson Foods, Inc.

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