Privacy, Compliance, and Security

Our clients trust us with their sensitive data and rely on our platform to run essential business processes every day. That trust is critically important to us. Every day, we resolve to ensure our solutions earn, keep, and sustain the trust of our clients and our stakeholders. We do this through our dedication to deliver real-world solutions that place the highest priority on privacy, compliance, and security, while at the same time making things easier for our clients and for drivers in their day-to-day lives. The solutions we provide are similar to a smooth stretch of asphalt – sometimes it’s easy to forget that without it, the road would be much bumpier.

This document outlines our absolute and unwavering commitment to client and driver privacy, compliance, and security.


Privacy of our clients’ data is a central foundation that we always have maintained, and always will. Carriers and drivers trust us to collect and house millions of job applications containing sensitive applicant data that in most cases are the result of many dollars in advertising expense.

Occasionally clients wonder if their data is safe with us: are we going to share their data with other carriers?, are we going to hold it hostage should a carrier decide to stop using our services? The answers to these concerns is no, and never. Client data belongs to the client, not to us. Put simply, to share that data with other carriers or to hold it hostage would be wrong. We won’t do it – we never have and we never will.

We are also acutely aware that carriers aren’t our only set of stakeholders – we also have significant responsibilities to drivers as well. If drivers weren’t comfortable trusting our platform with their personal data, they wouldn’t store it with us – and millions of drivers have chosen to store their data with us. That trust enables the pre-population of over 90% of experienced drivers’ applications, saving drivers hours of mindless data entry and carriers thousands of dollars in advertising costs. To sustain that trust, we not only go to great lengths to authenticate each driver before pre-populating an application, but we also never send a driver’s data anywhere without the driver having initiated the transfer. To do otherwise would also be wrong and would jeopardize a key creator of value for the transportation industry. We won’t do it – we never have and we never will. To show our continued commitment to the protection of driver data, the Application Transparency tool in Driver Pulse gives drivers greater visibility into how they have shared their application data and which of our client carriers have access to it. It also gives drivers control over how and by whom they can be contacted and is a great resource for carriers to point drivers to when the question of sourcing arises.

Carriers also trust us to help implement their recruiting processes via our systems. The reality is that, to some extent, all of our clients are competing for drivers in a scarce marketplace. Those recruiting processes are each client’s innovative attempt to win in the daily competition for drivers. The trust clients put in us to help optimize their processes enhances the value that we deliver – and we simply won’t do anything to endanger that trust. We keep every client’s solution regarding the ways in which they are competing for drivers confidential. We don’t ever discuss how one client is using the system with any other current or perspective client. When we cite client testimonials, we only ever do so with explicit permission. To do otherwise would be an affront to the processes entrusted to our system. We won’t do it – we never have and we never will.

You can see our full privacy policy here.


While compliance is largely the responsibility of our clients, it’s our job to offer a platform that provides a large degree of flexibility with regard to how each client decides to implement its compliance program. We take the responsibility to provide such a platform seriously. Compliance with federal and state laws, with DOT regulations, with contracts with background check providers, and with the ever-evolving case law that’s being laid out by the courts is always changing. We have deep expertise in these areas and partner with our clients to make sure the path to compliance is as clear as possible. One of the benefits of a system as comprehensive as ours is that clients don’t have to worry about how a loose confederation of integrations with no single authority might undermine compliance. When you rely on Tenstreet, you can rest assured that we have a deep understanding of the compliance issues that could land you in court, and that we have solutions in place to help keep you out.


It seems that every passing week brings news of more problems and risks of information security leaks, all of which have real-world impacts on businesses. While nobody can claim to have a 100% secure system that could never be hacked, our clients can take a great deal of comfort in the knowledge that we go to great lengths to help ensure the safety of the systems that house and process their critical data. Maintaining our SOC 2 Type II certification and performing our own internal audits is nothing less than arduous – but we think it’s a smart way to allocate our resources. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in hardware, software, systems, training, and people to keep our platform and your data as safe and secure as possible.

For more information on how to choose a secure ATS, click here.

Putting It All Together

Clients and drivers can trust that Tenstreet is going to do the right thing when it comes to privacy, compliance, and security. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time thinking about these topics – but everyone wants to know the people they partner with do. We clearly recognize the responsibilities we have in these areas and strive to live up to them every single day – not through extravagant marketing efforts or intense self-promotion, quick fixes, or shortcuts. We live up to them by investing our most important resources – the time and skills of our team of experienced professionals – day in and day out, since 2006.