Team 5 Account Managers

Danna Alfaddagh

(pronounced: Dan-uh Alfa-dog)

I have been with Tenstreet since 2021 

Industry/Relatable Experience: Before joining Tenstreet I worked in HR and Benefits for over 6 years gaining strong communication, organizational, and training skills.

Tenstreet Strengths: Xpress, Onboarding, and Training.

Fun Facts: I was born and raised in the Middle East and am fluent in Arabic.

Outside of Work: I enjoy spending time with my husband and our pets, cooking, traveling, and gardening!

Amanda Burden

I have been with Tenstreet since 2016 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I have worked with applicant tracking systems doing Customer service since 2011.

Tenstreet Strengths: Job Requisitions, OFCCP compliance, Implementation and Re-Implementation, Client Relationships.

Fun Facts:  I studied landscaping for 2 years in college.

Outside of Work: I’m a wife and mom of 2! I love college football, reading, baking, traveling, and gardening!