Team 6 Account Managers

Shayla Addison

I have been with Tenstreet since 2022 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I have worked in various capacities in the Transportation Industry since 2012 (Driver Recruitment, Processing, HR, Logistics, Account Management).

Tenstreet Strengths: Spending time with my clients to identify their needs in implementation, training, and utilization of their Tenstreet tools.

Fun Facts: 
 I am middle child of 7 kids.

Outside of Work:  I love to read, listen to podcasts, and enjoy all things outdoors (but not a fan of the cold).

Sarah Black

I have been with Tenstreet since 2021 

Industry/Relatable Experience: 3 years (Operations, Account Management).

Tenstreet Strengths: Client relations, automation, and dashboard training.

Fun Facts: 
I have a large collection of coffee mugs.

Outside of Work:  I love spending time outdoors in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains that I call home.

Ashley Cayton-Pearson

I have been with Tenstreet since 2018 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I have worked in the transportation industry since 2012.

Tenstreet Strengths: Optimal Workflow, Process Automation, User Productivity, Safety, Xchange Request, and Routing.

Fun Facts:  I love shoes and pickles.

Outside of Work: I am a mom and a wife.

Bryn White

I have been with Tenstreet since 2023 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I started in Transportation Claims in 2016, moved to Retention where I helped onboard the team with Tenstreet, which brought me to working with Tenstreet directly as a client. I helped as a Tenstreet Expert on the client side for 4 years before becoming part of the Tenstreet team!

Tenstreet Strengths: Enhancing current workflows.

Fun Facts: My favorite bird is a Road Runner – Did you know they can reach 26 MPH while running?

Outside of Work: You can catch me in the AZ mountains.