Team 7 Account Managers

Martin Imrisek

I have been with Tenstreet since 2014 

Industry/Relatable Experience:  Based on my extensive knowledge of the Tenstreet platform, I’m able to quickly identify a client’s pain points and propose efficient solutions to effectively recruit, hire, and retain drivers.

Tenstreet Strengths:  I have implemented hundreds of carriers with fleet sizes ranging from 50 to 5,000+ trucks.

Fun Facts:  I like auto racing and the Chicago Bears.

Outside of work:  I have a collection of over 2,300 sports-related autographs.

Chris Lackmeyer

I have been with Tenstreet since 2022 

Industry/Relatable Experience: 20+ years working in customer service/client facing roles.

Tenstreet Strengths:  Onboarding, Compliance, and Advanced Automation.

Fun Facts:  I’m a New Yokie! I grew up in Long Island, New York (big Billy Joel fan), but have spent my entire adult life in Oklahoma City.

Outside of Work: I have a wife, 3 kids and 2 doodle puppies that consume most of my time, but I love to follow my favorite sports teams (Mets, NY Rangers, Raiders, Thunder, OU) and travel!

Cara Lee

I have been with Tenstreet since 2014 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I have worked in various capacities in the Transportation Industry since 1998 (MRO, Drug Testing/Randoms, Background Investigation, Implementation, Project Management)

Tenstreet Strengths:  Implementation, Safety Management, DQF, Client Relations, Training

Fun Facts: I’m a certified professional florist!

Outside of Work: I have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats that keep my husband and I busy, and I love to go to Kenya East Africa to do missions work.

Cheri Mullin

I have been with Tenstreet since 2014 

Industry/Relatable Experience: I have worked in the transportation industry since 1998 (MRO/Drug Testing, Random DT Management, DQF Management, DOT Physical Management, Account Management)

Tenstreet Strengths:  DQF, Onboarding.

Fun Facts: I have been skydiving, white-water rafting, and have expored Mayan Ruins. 

Outside of Work: I love the mountains and exploring new places, reading, football, and hockey!