Driving in Adverse Conditions: A Comprehensive Guide

Adverse driving conditions pose a challenge for any driver, and the heavier the vehicle, the greater the risk. Truckers in particular need to know how to drive in adverse conditions. Accidents are far more likely to be fatal when driving an 18-wheeler than operating a small car. In the case of adverse road conditions, professional […]

What is a DOT Physical?

If you’re looking to become a driver that operates a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) to transport either passengers or freight, you might not be aware of the physical stress involved in the job. To ensure that you’re capable of performing your duties and can drive commercial vehicles in a safe and secure manner, you’ll most […]

How to Become an Owner Operator

If you’re considering becoming a truck owner operator, there are several factors and details that need to be weighed before you make a final decision. At some point in most truckers’ lives, they’ve thought of getting their own rig and hitting the road as an independent services owner operator. However, many are left wondering, “what […]

CDL Endorsements: Everything You Need to Know

As a truck driver, you have a lot of opportunities in front of you. While you can stick to hauling general freight, you can significantly increase your earning potential by accepting different types of cargo.  Depending on your commercial driver’s license’s (CDL’s) class, you may be able to obtain various trucker endorsements that can have […]

How to Become a Truck Driver: The Essential Guide

If you’re looking for a career without a cubicle and a chance to see the country, you might consider becoming a truck driver. It’s a great option if you have a little bit of wanderlust and don’t mind long drives away from your home base. You’ll have a chance to live on the road, meet […]

Get to Know Carriers Before You Apply with Pulse Connect

Have you ever gone to the trouble of filling out an application, talking with a recruiter, submitting your driver documents, and completing onboarding procedures, only to find out along the way that you don’t think you’ll be happy at this new carrier? Maybe they don’t offer the benefits that are most important to you, or […]

America’s Truck Drivers: Exceptional Every Day

You spend long days on the road and often end them with a candy bar or to-go sandwich from a rest stop instead of a warm dinner around the table with your family. You miss birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and important moments with your loved ones because you’re needed on the road. You work harder to […]

The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse: What Drivers Should Know

As a professional truck driver, you’ve probably heard some buzz about the upcoming Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse. But you might not totally be sure what it all means and how it will actually affect how you do your job. It’s important to understand this new set of regulations since it affects your ability to get […]

Get Free Copies of Background Reports in Driver Pulse

Exciting news! Our latest addition to the Driver Pulse app allows carriers to automatically send your background reports to you through Driver Pulse for free. We at Tenstreet think it makes sense to send copies of your background reports to drivers for two main reasons: Having your report in front of you during a discussion […]

Pulse Brings You Carrier Recommendations

You know there are thousands of carriers out there looking for quality drivers like you, but how do you find them, and how do you know if they’re right for you? Generally, you could either google “trucking jobs” and wade through tons of results, not quite sure what to believe, or you could go to […]