Pulse In-App Messaging Captures Drivers’ Attention, Wins More Hires

Texting is a driver recruiter’s dream. With obvious advantages over email (e.g. a more intimate way to connect, a higher open rate, and a higher and faster response rate), text messaging has made a major shift in the way businesses communicate with us and has proved an effective strategy to get candidates hired over traditional […]

The Power of a Pulse Message

The driver recruiting landscape has seen massive changes since the spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Application volumes since mid-March are down 15-20% in both experienced and student drivers, making an already present driver shortage more acute for carriers of every size. Now more than ever, recruiting departments are competing against other carriers for […]

A Driver’s Window Into Recruiting: Checklists Within Pulse

For drivers, applying to a position at a new carrier can feel like looking at a two-way mirror; the carrier can see everything about you, but you have no idea how the recruiting process is going on their end. Are they still reviewing candidates and still haven’t gotten to your application yet? Did they forget […]

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Recruiting Strategy

The driver-recruiter experience just got more personal! We’ve recently made several enhancements to our mobile and dashboard platforms by: giving both driver and recruiter the ability to upload a profile picture making it easier for drivers to send you requested documents improving the Driver Pulse profile matrix, and adding badge notifications to your Pulse users’ […]

A Driver’s Story

You’re a driver. The road is your home. When you leave, you’re not sure when you’ll be back again. Your dispatcher is one of your only points of contact while you’re on a route, and you’re pretty sure he has it out for you. You never get enough home time, and on top of all […]

Tenstreet Pulse Match: A Love Story

For Dana Rodriguez of Nationwide Express, her search for the perfect match seemed like a lost dream. After six months of searching and $5,000 in ads, she still wasn’t finding who she needed in the Redding, PA area. She was ready to call it quits. Then Dana discovered Tenstreet’s matching service After learning about the service […]

How to Prepare for the NYE Application Explosion

Over the last couple of months of 2017, you have probably noticed your application volume decrease from what it was the month prior. As we’ve assured you in previous communications, this is expected, and nothing to cause concern. Given the unique set of data points we have collected over the past eleven years on the […]

Pulse MD: Drug Screening Made (Really) Easy

Ready to save time in your orientation class by having your drivers tested before they even arrive? Get your drivers on the road faster, stop spending money on drivers who can’t pass a test, and take the headache out of the drug testing paper trail with Pulse MD – your Mobile Drug Testing Provider. What […]

The Gift of Time: Greyhound Integration in Xpress

If you’re like most carriers, you use Greyhound every week to get your drivers to orientation. What you may not know is that you can order Greyhound tickets directly from within the Tenstreet Xpress dashboard. Greyhound Integration in Xpress is an impressive win in convenience and efficiency. Take it from Rob Hatchett – “The efficiency it […]

Carrier Profile and Active Jobs in the Driver Pulse App

Drivers Can View Carrier Profiles & Active Jobs Starting on June 6, Pulse users will be able to view a carrier’s profile and all active jobs for that carrier. Until now, this information was only visible in limited ways. The company profile was only visible to Pulse Invite recipients discussed here. Active jobs were only […]