Turning Orientation Days Into Profit Days

Have you ever had the chance to think through each step of your orientation process? How many days does it last? How long are drivers spending filling out paperwork? How much does the process cost, including meals and lodging? For many carriers, driver orientation is a complex process consisting of several steps that can be […]

Truck Driver Training Videos: An In-Depth Guide

Driving a semi truck is not like driving an ordinary vehicle. Large trucks require safe driving techniques to mitigate the risks of an accident. The likelihood of a severe injury or fatality is much higher when larger vehicles are involved. Road safety is a collaboration between fleet managers and truck drivers themselves. If you’re searching […]

Training Your Fleet for Winter Safety

Winter weather can create dangerous conditions for drivers. Hazardous roadways, slippery surfaces, limited daylight hours, rushed delivery schedules, unexpected traffic congestion, and low visibility are among the many challenges drivers must manage in the winter months. According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 70 percent of our nation’s roads are located in snowy regions. Even […]

What is a Chain of Custody Form?

Everyone in the transportation industry should be aware of the procedures mandated by its governing body, the Department of Transportation. One such system is the chain of custody form (commonly abbreviated to CCF) for drug test results for drivers. By issuing a federal forensic drug testing custody and control form, collected specimens can be carefully […]

Faster, More Personal Orientation With Tenstreet’s Mobile-First Training Library

Build a Better Orientation We know your primary goal for driver orientation is to create a meaningful onboarding experience for drivers. The overwhelming challenge of juggling tasks between communicating and collecting information, essential safety training, and interacting with drivers can be difficult to balance with the overarching objective of shortening classes to get drivers on […]

Online Onboarding: Everything You Need to Eat the Frog

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” ― Mark Twain   Whether it’s a new hobby you’ve wanted to try, a book you’ve promised yourself you’d read, or […]

Tenstreet Offers Free Driver Onboarding Services in Response to COVID-19

In CCJ’s March 17th edition of the Daily Dispatch, NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings recognized travel and truck stops as “‘essential’ businesses that must remain open even if other ‘nonessential’ businesses are forced to close.” As we watch our local restaurants and gyms close, see social and business events cancelled, and continue to distance ourselves […]

Top 10 Tenstreet Services You Didn’t Know You Had

The best thing about a long journey is not knowing exactly where it’ll take you. Even if you have a destination in mind, the most memorable moments of a trip are the delights you hadn’t expected to find, like the surprisingly delicious burgers at the roadside diner or the giant peanut statue on the side […]

HireRight and Tenstreet Team Up to Make Drug Screening Easy

The partnership between HireRight and Tenstreet has always been solid, serving shared clients with a myriad selection of background report options that are delivered to their dashboards in just a couple clicks. Today we’ve pushed the partnership further forward. In addition to background screening reports, now clients can order pre-employment drug tests, physical examinations, and […]

6 Tips to Optimize Onboarding

Optimizing onboarding to create a better experience for the driver is a burning issue today. StayMetrics, a company highly focused on driver retention, states that a driver’s perception of your onboarding process weighs heavily into his decision to not only join your team, but to stay with your team. Simply put, by creating a positive onboarding […]