Recruit Smarter, Not Harder, in the New Year

When a new year begins, most of us are overcome with the desire to make resolutions. Getting a gym membership, signing up for a cooking class, reorganizing the whole house – all of these things make us feel good because they promise a big change as long as we put in the work. But resolutions […]

The “Aha Services” of Tenstreet

Reading over any company’s list of services can sometimes feel like information overload. We know we have a lot of different services here at Tenstreet, and that it can be hard to narrow down which are best suited for your organization. My name is Meghan Potter, and as an Account Advisor here, I talk to […]

Getting Started with Drip: Nurturing Driver Relationships

A successful recruiter understands that the key to recruiting new drivers is taking the time to nurture their driver relationships. However, with a busy schedule, there’s not always time to make every phone call. Rehires are the perfect candidates for a far less expensive Drip campaign Introducing Tenstreet’s fully-automated Drip Marketing service. Drip can easily […]

Putting an End to Advertising Inefficiency

When we look at how advertising for drivers works in 2017, we’re reminded a lot of how verifications worked in 2007. Drivers paying $20 to fax in authorizations from truck stops, people standing over fax machines to send requests (and resending, and resending), filling in forms and sending them back, wash, rinse, repeat… When we […]

Drip Marketing: A Better Way to Reach Prospective Drivers

Modern Tools Finding qualified drivers is essential to the success of carriers today, but it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Recruiting departments sink a large amount of money and effort into attracting candidates through traditional advertising methods, which offer minimal results and a limited ability to measure return on investment. Modernizing the tools […]

Drip Marketing & Driver Recruiting

“Re-Applies” & Wasted Advertising If a driver applies to three places, there are two carriers that are not going to hire that driver. Statistically, many of the same applicants that apply to a carrier each month have applied there before. Carriers know that many reapply, but they are often blown away when they learn that […]