The Case For Driver Rewards Programs

For years, Stay Metrics (now owned by Tenstreet) has offered a truck driver rewards program for our clients. Carriers award points to drivers. These points redeem for thousands of high-quality items, technology, housewares, travel items and more. One of the most common questions we get is, “Why rewards?” Doesn’t it make more sense to just […]

Funding Your Rewards Program: Is It Already There?

One of the most challenging aspects of setting up a rewards program at any carrier is funding it. Where does the money to invest in one of these programs come from? Let’s say you’ve read our case for a rewards program, and you are convinced. How do you find the funding in your business to […]

Spring Clean Your Business: Go Paperless!

The new year’s busy first quarter has passed, and spring has sprung once again. After a long day’s work, you notice a ray of sun stretched across your desk, revealing a light layer of dust. You run your eyes over the stacks of paper that have accumulated around you and suddenly become inspired to do […]

A Driver’s Story

You’re a driver. The road is your home. When you leave, you’re not sure when you’ll be back again. Your dispatcher is one of your only points of contact while you’re on a route, and you’re pretty sure he has it out for you. You never get enough home time, and on top of all […]

Top 3 Reasons People Say No to a Tenstreet Demo, Debunked

Over on the Business Development team here at Tenstreet, our primary focus is to introduce our software solutions to people who aren’t currently using them. We hear a lot of reasons why people don’t have a few minutes to talk about Tenstreet. In the blog, let’s take a moment to address the three reasons people […]

Pulse Match: Revolutionizing How You Recruit

Getting Started with Pulse Match – An Industry Need Pulse Match was born out of a clear industry need to offer a smarter way to connect carriers with the right drivers. By reducing friction in the market, we aim to lower costs and improve the experience for both carriers and drivers, with the end goal […]

3 Ways to Know if You Need Recruiting & Onboarding Software

Recruiting and onboarding is a $120 billion industry worldwide. As a result, software developed to streamline operations in these areas has created an industry of its own, worth $1.5 billion and counting. While there’s been some debate on whether recruiting and onboarding software is an actual business must-have, or just a nice-to-have, we decided to […]